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GTK3/4 Themes by hellokitten 79 comments

Regarding to maximize, minimize and close buttons, I have this problem when using firefox. - Jun 07 2014

GTK3/4 Themes by hellokitten 79 comments

I have kernel 3.14.5-1-ARCH and my desktop wallpaper is not displayed. Instead is displayed the one provided with DeLorean Theme: a gray one.
Is it a but? If so, could you correct it, please?
Also, in my case, the three window buttons, maximize, minimize and close, are difficult to distinguish, becasue they are printed in black on dark color, so could you display these buttons with colours more suitable in order to propertly distinguish them? Finally, when there are many windows overlapped it is difficult to distinguish each of them, could you introduce a kind of shadow around window or do the window borders looks like more sharper, refined and stylished? - Jun 07 2014
I really like your theme but I am using gdm as display manager so when installing MDM it prompts me to uninstall gdm and install mdm. Could you do the same theme to support gdm, please?

Thanks in advance. - Mar 30 2014
Faarwen (formerly Darkair & BLO)

Gnome Shell Themes by as00270 16 comments

I have Archlinux. I have downlaoded your package and extracted it into /usr/share/themes but when trying to change gnome-shell theme using gnome-tweak-tool it is not recognized as a gnome-shell theme. Furthermore, I have browsed into the folders of your themes to selected the desired one and when within gnome-shell for each of your themes it is not recognized as a valid theme. - Nov 30 2013
Ubudao Style

Full Icon Themes by WalentyWalewski 26 comments

Not working in Nautilus 3.10.1-1? I have Archlinux installed. I have downloaded it and extracted into /usr/share/icons and then using gnome-tweak-tools I have set gnome icons theme to it but icons are not changing to the new ones. - Nov 30 2013

Nautilus Scripts by Simzer 6 comments


I have made the script executable with chmod +x name_of_script

If I force to launch it manually from gnome-schedule it works, wallpaper changes but if it launches automatically as a repetitive task without forcing manually, only wallpaper is downloaded to my ~/wallpapers folder but wallpaper doesn't change.

What's happenning?

Finally, it will be highly appreciated if text of the wallpaper appears hidden by default and the user could show/hide it by clicking in it, the same as windows version.

Thanks very much and good job!

- Mar 07 2011