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andrew Andrew Johnson
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Feb 10 2007
Smooth Engine != Glider Engine

The Smooth engine is a highly configurable GDK based engine. it doesn't look like Glider, Glider used to use it to look like itself. (Smooth can look like redmond, thinice, etc)

The new Glider engine is a cairo based engine, which for now, is just the fixed look for the Glider Theme. It was created because realistically, Smooth cannot be ported to Cairo.

The Glossy menu items were an idea, an example of cairo changes, which people liked, there are actually quite many other difference between Smooth based Glider, but that is the only major visual difference (compare radio items, and check items for other slightly less obvious visual differences)

In the long run, Glider is intended to replace Smooth, as a cairo based configurable engine, but that is just an idea for now. Not enough people seem to care about configurable engines for me to. - Feb 22 2007