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by lefou
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Dec 16 2007
I booted up a new kernel without tp_smapi and KThinkBat used ACPI to display battery information. After compiling, installing, and loading tp_smapi, KThinkBat automatically switched over to the more accurate SMAPI BIOS display. Very good! - Nov 03 2006

System Software 6 comments

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Feb 17 2004
Dead link :( - Mar 24 2006
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Amarok 1.x Scripts 9 comments

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Nov 26 2005
Mine too. I stopped the script and user CPU usage dropped from 83% to 11%. You'd be better off writing a script invoked from your mail client for a signature. Both KMail/Kontact and Evolution support this IIRC. amaroK is CPU-cycle hungry enough as it is. - Jan 27 2006