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Azis Naufal Bandung, Indonesia
Breeze with Transparency

Plasma Themes by pyroclasticmayhem 9 comments

HI, i love your work.
But maybe there's need some imporovement...
The font color of the underlined with red color is too bright. because of the bright background. Can you fix it?

thanks - Mar 22 2020
Window Applets

Gnome Extensions by holodeck 376 comments

Can you fix this problem? I get this problem when restarting the gnome panel.

Thanks & Regards Azis - Mar 16 2013
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 1742 comments

Can you make up for desktop mate. If you need GnoMenu, I have made ​​him a MateNu. If you need DockbarX, I could Make. But not for distributions other than Debian. - Jul 05 2012

Wallpaper Other by jfest 3 comments

Yes, You're right. - Jul 04 2012

Wallpaper Other by jfest 3 comments

Can I put my linux logo on your wallpaper? - Jun 26 2012