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Alexander Gourgenidze , Georgia

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May 03 2016
This means that now everything works how it should. That's nice! :) - Aug 24 2010
I just finished the testing of qtgain_0.9.1_i386.deb (beta). I have tested it on mp3 and flac files. Unfortunatelly, I do not use ogg and today I had not the time to convert some files to ogg.

I will try to explain everything I could find out during testing, but in case if I will not be able to explain everything correctly I also made a small screen-shot which you can find here - . Hope, this will somehow helpful.

1. Now QtGain works just perfectly with mp3 files and calculates "Track Gain" and "Album Gain" correctly. But, there is still a small issue. As I can understand, when you calculate "Album Gain" the "Track Gain" is also calculated and applied automatically. That's perfect! The point is that if you already have calculated "Album Gain" and re-set QtGain to calculate just the "Track Gain" it doesn't skip all of the files as it should, but skips just some of the files and recalculates the track gain for other files in the same folder (which are already calculated and applied). But, this is the minor issue and even not worth to mention.

2. The main issue is with Flac files:

2.a. "Album Gain" Flac:

- When you drop the folder to calculate the Album Gain for the flac files interface hangs about minute and shows that it's executing Metaflac package (see screen) and than without any dialog it shows that calculating is finished. But as you can see from screen-shot it shows - ToDo -0, Gained 0, Skipped 0, Errors 0. In reality Album Gain is calculated and applied correctly.

2.b. "Track Gain" Flac:

- Here is another issue. When you calculate the Track Gain the same Track Gain value is also applied to the Album Gain field, which is not correct. You can see this on screen-shot.

That's what I could do for now, but if I'll find something new I'll inform you. But, I think that's all of the issues. I do not have ogg files. But, tomorrow I'll convert some flacs to ogg just to test and than tell you if there are some issues. - Aug 23 2010
Thank you very much! :) - Aug 23 2010
Hello once again.

I found something new. When I'm calculating the "Album Gain" the last file hangs. I mean, that if I have 10 songs in the folder QtGain calculates the gain for the first 9 songs and than hangs up on the 10th song. I have to push close button on the interface after some time, while it shows that it still calculates the gain. But, at the same time, when I'm opening the files in DeadBeef, it shows that the gain in 10th song is correctly applied. - Aug 22 2010
Thank you very much! :) - Aug 22 2010
Very nice application! I just can't understand one thing - why some files are recalculated several times? I did simple test - dragged the same folder 3 times. At first time all of the 12 songs were gained and 0 skipped. At the second time 8 songs were skipped and 4 songs were gained again. The third time results were the same as in the second time. So, why this 4 songs are gained again and again? :) - Aug 22 2010

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Feb 16 2013
Спасибо большое. Debian это отлично! По сути и Ubuntu тоже Debian. Я Debian поленился пробовать зная что Proprietary Drivers придется ставить вручную. Это сложно и долго (как некоторые говорят), или также одним кликом как в Ubuntu? - Aug 21 2010
Я пользуюсь Ubuntu 10.04. Перепробовал почти все что возможно, но лучше пока не нашел. Даже Pardus-ом пользовался примерно неделю. Очень хороший линукс (турецкий), но с прогами немножко проблема. Притом, мне больше GNOME нравится. Mandriva GNOME отличнейший линукс, но не просто менять интерфейс. Fedora тоже нравится, но я не зациклен на Open Source. Так-что, пока с почти безпроблемным Ubuntu. - Aug 19 2010
Если я правильно понимаю, то если обновлятся с репозиториев то это всегда "dev" версия. Может я ошибаюсь. - Aug 19 2010
Огромное спасибо! - Aug 19 2010
Отличная прога. Большое спасибо. Вот только почемуто скачиваетсия 0.4.6 вместо 0.4.8. - Aug 18 2010

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Aug 22 2010

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Aug 21 2010

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Aug 19 2010