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lilly kawasaki
Gloss Black

GTK2 Themes by ZeroPrime 15 comments

all this does is not make the menus show up? any other solutions..... - Jun 30 2008
BlueSpace II

GTK2 Themes by slawomir 41 comments

The command you have entered in for transperancy does not work right. I had no access to anything becuase the top and bottom bars wrre invisible and clicking on them to bring menus up flickered bareley and could not lanuch apps from it. and I had to go to the undercover terminal, and kill compiz and other apps from top and then come back to the desktop. It makes the windows not work and just blink. Intel GMA950. - Jun 29 2008
H-K Suite Installer

Various Gnome Stuff by Embrace 31 comments

Havin the same problem. What I do is type the stuff into the txt editor then I paste it in the fields. I hate doing it though but it is easier then temporarily changing my theme. I think webmasters need to make better use of CSS and define the colors so they render the same in all browsers and themes. Alot of webmasters are not aware of them changes or flat out don't care. :-( - Dec 19 2007

Wallpaper Other by AGNXdesigns 2 comments

Thanks alot ;-) - Dec 10 2007
Fianlly to get XMMS to go with my theme! yey! - Dec 10 2007
Entis Cursors

Cursors by zhorak 30 comments

I tried alot of the solutions mentioned on alot of other sites including ubuntu forums and I still cannot apply this. Any quick and dirty way to fix this the furthest I have gotten was to get it to breifly show up in firefox and firefox alone and once I minimized it went back to the white default one. Then after that when I logged out and logged back in it was the default one again even on FF. I tried usr/share/icons and all variants even /usr/share/cursors and .icons and .cursors under my home dir and no luck. and no luck using the cursor selector eaither. I am stuck with one the default black ones for now. - Dec 10 2007
StarCraft Sounds (for KDE/LICQ)

System Sounds by PSIplus 6 comments

You must construct additional pylons!

Do you have this sound for it? it would be funny! - Dec 10 2007