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Currency Converter

Plasma 4 Extensions by tanghus 24 comments

it is really nice to see the currencies in the desktop. but i have a suggestions how about this:

1. just display the favorite currencies.
it is more neat i think. other currencies can be added from setting menu.

2. the currencies are from 2 or more sources and the results just like that either. for example:

1 Indian rupee V To: --- US Dollar V
1 AUS Dollar V To: --- US Dollar V
1 EURO V To: --- Swed. Krona V

V = is the drop down button
--- = is the result value

3. can be set to just display the actual result. for example:

--- USD (INR)
--- USD (AUD)
--- SEK (EUR)

4. the source is from multiple sources, such like IMF, oanda, and others.

5. can download a simple history graph just like yahoo finance but more plasmoid manner.

I got excited when see this plasmoid it's very future rich...:)
keep up the good work..
- Dec 07 2010