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Plasma Themes 67 comments

Score 69.6%
Sep 25 2008
The window in the first screenshot is inactive that's why its contrast is low... - Jul 15 2008
Are you using it in "~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme" or in "/usr/share/apss/desktoptheme" ?
Thank you. - Apr 06 2008
That's right, the battery is poorly rendered too, too bad when SVG should be infinitely more precise than bitmaps. The clock and the battery are the only full SVG themes, backgrounds that are using some PNGs are sharper. Looks like we'll have to wait for a better SVG rendering... - Apr 03 2008
First thanks for your help. By "not well painted" I mean doesn't look like it should, have a look at the third screenshot, the corners are missing, and on my desktop, panel's gradients are not rendered like in inkscape.
But I see that it works great on your svn , it just lacks the icon theme... - Mar 30 2008

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 20 2007
Wow! Could you make a wallpaper with a saxophone? - Sep 20 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 17 comments

Score 47.5%
Jul 06 2007
In the style window select Domino and click on configure on right, then go to the "Save/Load" tab. - Sep 01 2007
There are two outlines, the inner is white, the outter is black. You may see one less than the other depending on the darkness of your wallpaper... - Aug 01 2007
First install domino and dekorator, second install béo dekorator theme with dekorator configuration panel, third import domino config file in domino configuration window, fourth download and install snowish icon theme, and last install and apply béo theme file with kde theme-manager.

Who finds that KDE isn't simple to use?

PS: you can also install amarok theme... One should be able to install a theme in one click, another goal for KDE4... - Jun 29 2007
Aero AIO

Karamba & Superkaramba 342 comments

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May 17 2006
Of course I'm OK! Publish it! - Jun 15 2007
This is a known bug because of the use of the getIp function from superkaramba API... Sorry I'll have to work on another way... - Mar 23 2007
Thank you for this solution, I have been searching for several months but I was told that the next release of superkaramba should support unicode...
I'm applying this patch to Aero AIO 0.9.2 wich is in preparation. - Mar 23 2007
Sorry but it doesn't give me any clue. There is no error message about aero aio... - Jun 06 2006
Can you send the output? - Jun 01 2006
This way it is displaying your external ip only... You should look for your ip using "ifconfig". - Jun 01 2006
This a recent theme for dashboard that a friend of mine found for his mac... - May 29 2006
I will put it back in 0.9.1 version. - May 05 2006
RAM sensor is working well on my computer... I don't understand. Is there any error if you look to the output in konsole? - May 05 2006
Can you send me an output? - May 05 2006
You can't resize a superkaramba widget, and there is no option in aero aio to set size. - May 05 2006
Execute superkaramba in konsole and send me the output that is printed in it when you try to install amarok plugin, to know where is the error. - May 05 2006
Thanks for your help, I have just repaired it! - May 03 2006
Can you send an output please? Thank you - May 03 2006
Thank you. I hope it is more usable than before. - May 03 2006
Thank you I've corrected it. - Dec 21 2005
Thank you. I have in fact seen that qt and PyQt programming could be make easier using Qt Designer. I will move to this way as soon as possible.
I'm currently writing Aero AIO plugin developement guide and it is a good idea to make a user guide after that. I have already the address: - Dec 19 2005

Maybe if I have too much time I will make Aero AIO Mini! - Dec 19 2005
The previous message is from me. - Dec 19 2005
It's because files are deleted when widget is close but when it is re-opened from superkaramba only the "initWidget" function is called... It has been corrected in 0.8e (uploaded right now). - Dec 19 2005
The new code of acpi plugin is not from me, I will have a look at it to make it work better. - Dec 19 2005
Delete "$HOME/.superkaramba/aero_aio.rc", you will lose your configuration but it should work back. Can you tell wich theme you're using? - Dec 16 2005
It would be great but I don't know how to filter only unread messages.
Maybe someone can help? - Dec 15 2005
Thank you it will be in 0.8d. - Dec 15 2005
In Aero AIO 0.8c new plugins can be installed in $HOME/.aero_aio/ where they will be automatically detected.
Thank you. - Dec 15 2005
Why not using password.replace('@','%40') rather than re.sub('@','%40', password)?
I have put it in 0.8d. - Dec 15 2005
Infortunately I never have succeeded in compiling pyKde and I don't know any rpm package of pyKde for Mandriva, whereas pyQt seems easier to install ("urpmi PyQt"), that's why I don't use pyKde: for simplicity. Thank you for the "kde-config" command, I didn't know that. - Dec 15 2005
It comes from the script that detects the path of the icons you're using in kde currently. Can you send me your path to find out why it is not working? - Dec 14 2005
That's what I'm currently working on. It will take some time but I don't have many time! So be patient. Currently the mechanism adds new plugins in the archive. But doing so means that I must build an update system or users will lose their plugins when downloading new versions...
But I think I will change this to load plugins out of .skz archive. - Dec 05 2005
The bug will be corrected in the next version.
And as I said Aero AIO 0.9 will be a .skz package. I needed some time to make all modifications. Currently 0.8c is a .skz package that works as well zipped or unzipped. I'm now working on new plugins, themes and icon sets installation. It won't be like in LWP because new themes, plugins and icon sets will be written in the zip file or in the theme directory... - Nov 16 2005
Can you send me the output of "/sbin/ifconfig ppp0" so that I can work on it?
Thank you - Nov 12 2005
Do you still have PyQt? Any output when clicking on "configure theme"? - Nov 07 2005
Many people have this error and I don't understand why, but it seems that if you open the configuration GUI and re-add the plugins to be loaded, it works again. - Nov 06 2005
I had the same error on my Mandriva 2006 it came from wget and I fixed it, I will put it in next version. I hope it will solve this on your distro too. - Nov 03 2005
Currently mouse wheel is used to scroll icons when more than 8 plugins are loaded...
And if you check "enable auto-switching" but that less than 2 plugins are selected in the auto-switching tab, it won't be enabled. - Oct 19 2005
Ok I will try to do a dedicated plugin... If it doesn't need lm_sensors. - Oct 16 2005
Jetstream Wallpapers

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 05 2007
The inkscape svg sources can be found on the theme page or here:
I do not plublish them in SVG because blur effect does not seem to be supported by KDE. - Jun 05 2007
Object-Oriented superKaramba [Proof Of C

Karamba & Superkaramba 7 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 04 2006
Something like this has already been done, its name is Skoot and was created by the author of slickbar. - Jul 04 2006
ps: Aero AIO plugin

Karamba & Superkaramba 21 comments

Score 50.0%
May 20 2006
It's working fine for me too. - May 10 2006

deKorator Themes 12 comments

Score 46.0%
Jan 31 2006
Filling transparents images with window background would be great, it would increase even more the possibilities of dekorator! - Feb 01 2006
Thank you I will surely make others windeco in this spirit, but these decos will always be less flexible than Powder because you must adapt your window background. - Jan 31 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba 1 comment

by Edie
Score 50.0%
Oct 23 2005
Great idea! I will use it but with amarok! - Oct 24 2005