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Adam Scheblein
Digital Clock Screenlet

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by Whise
Score 50.0%
May 30 2012
Also, i tried changing the font and that didn't work. I ended up changing the font back to what you had it, but changing the font size from 26 to 22 which made it so it looks really good now. - Aug 17 2007
Gentoo 2007.0 - Aug 17 2007
1280x1024 - Aug 17 2007
Originally i got these exact same error messages, and it turned out i was running .0.0.8 not realizing that there was a .0.0.9 out... Is there an official distribution point for screenlets? - Aug 15 2007
This Screenlet is AWESOME, however, i have found 1 bug. The time and date text are not all shown, they go over the Right border and i can't real all the time all the time (ex: right now it is 18:22 and over half the second 2 is cut off) - Aug 15 2007