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Niels Abspoel Tilburg, Netherlands
QtCurve (KDE3) Kubuntu package

KDE 3.5 Themes by dresnu 49 comments

could you please update the qtcurve gtk package also??

love the way qtcurve merges kde and gnome apps - Apr 06 2007
This package you made also works
on feisty

it replaces the original feisty one with your updated package..

Thank you very much - Feb 28 2007
Nocturn Theme

GTK2 Themes by InnerMoon 22 comments

this theme looks very nice.

it makes my desktop look proffessional
like the new improved menubar color

thanks, - Feb 20 2007

GTK2 Themes by dborg 70 comments

Just found you're gtk2-engine...
and love the effect it gives.

could you please continue on this.

- Dec 11 2006

Gnome Screenshots by spookykid 3 comments

where did you get that
gtk2 theme?? - Nov 22 2006

Plasma Themes
by nameless89

9   Feb 23 2013