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Alexios Beveratos

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Sep 15 2006

Thanks for the feedback

The log file must be located in the same directory as the photos. It is automaticaly loaded. It must have the extension .gps

For the moment it is very rudimentary, should be updated soon, and a kipi plugin is developped.

As for the menu, it seems weird. Can you send me (by mail, found in the source code) a screenshot ? Thanks

Alex - Sep 20 2006
Thank you for your comment

Yes, I would like to make a digiKam plugin, I will try to make both versions.

If anyone knows how to write a plugin for digiKam, I would appreciate some feedback

Alex - Sep 15 2006

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Jul 18 2005
Hello all,

I thank you for the interest you show for this program, and I excuse myself for not working on it lately. It is because of lack of time.

A new version should appear by the end of this summer if I get the time to work on (ie finish it)

As for the kubuntu packages, I am not responsible for this package and I can not help you with it. Sorry


Alexios - Jun 21 2006
About the new version,

Well, not yet. In fact I decided that I need a better code to cope with all this different problems, and I begun some code re-write. Also I had some vacations, time off, work etc.

No rush taken, but I can not say when a new version will be ready. I will anyway send you a working version asap.


Alex - Sep 23 2005
Finally the bug was a bit more complicated.
Should be fixed now and will be available with the new version - Jun 20 2005
Dear MaxAuthority,

Yes, in fact it is a strange bug, since it compiles fine for me with 3.4.1 on my Mandriva.

But will implement your changes so that the program compiles on most platforms available.

Yours and thanks

Alex - Jun 17 2005
Has been fixed. The bug does not "probably" appear if you have already run tv_grab_xx once.

Bux fix to come on new version among other features.
systemtray, automatic background update of channels and others - Jun 10 2005
Yes, for the moment you should email the author. I will try to either submit to sourceforge or another site.

Cheers - Jun 09 2005
Even though this program is in very heavy developpment, I considere that one can easily begin a new project especially if he is doing it as a hobby. It is my choice to right a program for tv browsing in KDE/Qt and not Java.

What if Linux decided to write a command line interface for WinXP and not linux.

Please respect the creativity and the free will


Alex - May 24 2005
Yes, it uses tv_grab_xx where xx can be any. Also for de. But be carefull when using tv_grab_xx if you have the right to download the tv list from the different sites.

At the channel selector, you can choose the channels which interest you, then you update the guide. It will update only for the channels you have selected and then they will be presented in the table.

Each 5 minutes it will check for new programs and notify you. More features comming later

Hope you like it - May 19 2005
Once I am happy enough with xmltv and tv_grab, I may try to include it. Stay tuned - Apr 16 2005
Yes, I know about this project. But as you said, it is only for german channels, and there is no plug-in for xmltv. - Apr 09 2005

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Apr 09 2009

I love your tool, but I get the following problem

I create an ISO image using dd if=/dev/cdrom of=cdrom.iso

Then I try to use mountISO in order to mount my iso image but I get the following error

ERROR: "cdrom.iso" has data error! File might be of wrong type or corrupted.

but it loads nicely with mount -t iso9660 -o loop etc etc


Alex - Jan 18 2006

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Jun 09 2007
Unfortunately, due to the missing member in KDE 3.2 (setInactive ()) it will not compile. It only compiles for KDE > 3.3 - Oct 14 2005