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adam blanchard

Metacity Themes by Sparrk 62 comments

First of all, I really like the new look of the title bars and buttons. The other updates are nice too. But i think im going to be sticking with v0.4 because of this "Unfocused windows do not look insensitive anymore." One of my favorite parts about clearlooks was that the titlebar blended perfectly on unfocused windows so it looked like it just wasnt there. I thought it was a really freakin cool idea. I think that with the more 3Dish gradients of the new titlebars paired with the old style windows it would look like the active title bar was a completly seperate part of the window that was snapped over the top of whichever window is being used. - Mar 30 2005
Etiquette Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by AndyFitz 49 comments

I love these icons. Best available on gnome-look by far. Everything else looks kinda cartoony. Keep up the good work. However, I think the black outline that goes half way up one side of the trash can looks kinda odd. - Mar 11 2005