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Catalin Alexandru Zamfir Bucuresti, Romania

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Jun 20 2007
With the help of the Lazarus/FreePascal developers we're making progress on a good implementation of Qt in Lazarus. The guys helped me a lot and I hope that in little time I'll have KCalculator compiled for Qt. 'Till then, enjoy this program. - Jun 24 2007
Ok. I've built KCalculator for QT, but because the Lazarus QT bindings are incomplete, there are some bugs [like the Menu and MessageDialogs] that I need to repair. Hope I can manage. Untill then, KCalculator will be GTK 2.x based.

It's sad. I installed Qt 4.3 on Gentoo just to recompile KCalc for Qt and bugs show up :|. Sad, sad ... - Jun 21 2007
1. Concentrating on simpleness.
2. I had to learn Lazarus/FreePascal and thought it was a good idea to experiment. Also, I'm trying to prove the "write once, compile anywhere" slogan.
3. It can prove a nice alternative. Linux has alternative for other programs, so to exercise my coding I thought the KCalc could be a nice alternative.
4. Really now, usual calculations don't need all the power the original KCalc has. The #1 argument repeats itself :).

As I've said, I'll be back with the Qt version soon. - Jun 21 2007
Not really. I'm busting my mind here to find out how can I recompile KCalculator for Qt 4.3. :P So hopefully I'll be back with a QT based KCalculator soon. - Jun 21 2007
Now, I dislike the KDE-QT, GNOME-GTK association. QT and GTK are just interfaces for a visual environment. Why do you use Firefox in KDE if it's based on GTK then?!

See my point?! It really doesn't matter as long as it's a good app. that everyone could use. I know it ain't about the app. or the fact that it used GTK, but please let's not make that diference. - Jun 21 2007
Great, guys like you make visiting KDE-Apps/Look/And anything else so great. I mean, I have six freaking hours of my life to try to develop a simple KDE Calculator and because I can't compile it in QT for the moment, it sucks.

Now that's gratitude for ya ... - Jun 20 2007
Yes. And the Lazarus Qt4 bindings seem not to work. I was trying to compile it for QT, but although I have all the needed units I still get a "can't find unit qtint".

Sorry guys, I don't know C++ at a professional level, like I do [Object]Pascal and his derivatives. Plus :P Pascal is 10 times faster in my opinion. - Jun 20 2007
Until I can figure out how to compile it for QT on Lazarus, it has everything in common. - Jun 20 2007