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Aar Em

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Sep 07 2012

Sorry, but on Fedora, there are the following nodoka-gtk related engines/themes:


Which of these should I go for? - Dec 19 2013

How do you get the slider bar on the right of the window to be curved like in the picture you provide?

Many thanks!
Aarem - Oct 05 2013

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Jul 19 2008
Just confused: why is this commented out in .cfg?

#window.roundCorners: TopLeft BottomRight BottomLeft TopRight

How do you get the rounded corners on the windows then?

thx! - Sep 26 2013
Ambiance Crunchy

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Jun 03 2019
sorry but i just wanted to ask again: how does one get the effects of rounded windows as in the second and third screenshots. Or is this not openbox? I don't use ubuntu so i don't know what the font sizes should be (for fedora).

thanks! - Sep 19 2013

thank you for responding! it was my understanding too that rounded windows are not possible with openbox, but since the second and the third pictures that you posted had rounded windows, i thought maybe that you had figured out a way to do this. Also the comment on changing the font made me think so, too. So, I guess the screenshots are not all using openbox then? Thanks again for your answer! - Sep 14 2013
Hello, This is a very nice theme and professionally and very elegantly done. I am trying to use this theme with rounded window edges on fedora 19 but can not get it to have rounded corners. I don't use a desktop environment so I was wondering if I can still use this theme and get rounded corners for the windows.
Thanks very much!

- Sep 13 2013