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Solomon Nadeeb
Google Calendar Screenlet

Conky by boamaod 86 comments

I installed the latest version from PPA this afternoon, and all is working properly, except when I activate a Google Sports Calendar for one of my local teams.

For example, in your google calendar on the web, go to "Other Calendars" on the bottom left of the screen. Then select "Browse Interesting Calendars" and then select "Sports". I selected Hockey, then National Hockey League, then pick any team.

The calendar on the web will update automatically with new events, but the Linux desktop will not update. If you right-click the calendar on the desktop and force the screenlet to update, the events *still* will not show up, but now all of your old events will be completely out of order (and I can't figure out what order they're in. They're not sorted by time, or date, or alphabetically) but as soon as you remove the sports calendar, and force a refresh of the screenlet, they'll be in the proper order again. - Oct 04 2013