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Laco Horvath , Slovak Republic

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Sep 05 2017
Nice icons, but i dont like folders icons. I simply does not look good. Maybe should folders look something like Dolphin file manager icon in KDE Oxygen set.. - Jan 07 2011
Very good job, but what really makes excellent icon theme, is to have all icons in ALL sizes which will give you beautiful, sharp icons everywhere without ugly, blurry pieces. Like for example in famous GNOME-Colors icon theme. - Aug 21 2010
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
You're doing excellent job with this theme. - Feb 21 2010
It seems that this theme *.xpi file is in invalid format. When i drag and drop it on addons extension or themes window, nothing happens :( - Feb 15 2010
Human Royal

Metacity Themes 8 comments

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Feb 10 2010
Yes, but that would require pure xml metacity theme without bitmaps and that is beyond my knowledge :( - Feb 10 2010
Yeah, it's iritating. But that pixel isn't there when Compiz disabled. Propably a Compiz issue? - Nov 13 2009
Humanity Weather Icons

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Feb 01 2010
Hi.. i wonder, what kind of font setup are you using on third printscreen.. Thanks. - Jan 02 2010
great job, thanks.. - Nov 11 2009
elementary Icons

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Apr 09 2010
Frakin' amazing. Just add all 32pix application icons, because in openSUSE application browser it looks blurry. - Jan 01 2010
Score 67.0%
Apr 07 2010
If you look at inactive firefox buttons on your preview picture, those buttons contain not so pretty dots.. Can you do it like in current QTcurve, that inactive buttons will have normal, gray icons without those dots? Maybe port to murrine engine instead of pixbuf would be better.. - Nov 19 2009

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Sep 01 2009
mm...interesting, thanks - Sep 08 2009
Hi i like your theme very much and i have question. Where in icon theme you define that you want display emblem on top right, like in your theme or on bottom right like in gnome-colors? Because in index.theme file are not such an options. Thanks. - Sep 07 2009
Excellent job! Lusers in Ubuntu artwork team should be right away kicked off. - Jun 11 2009

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Sep 25 2009
mmm... i agree... where gnome and tango failed, you have succeeded with most complete, consistant and beautiful icons :)

i was thinking on more something like Mango or Tango refresh by Jimmac, adding to these icons some aspects of glossynes and increase details on all sizes, but keeping consistency and sharpnes.. i dunno, maybe i don't know what i want :) - Aug 07 2009
If i may ask you, what are next steps in evolution of these icons? It would be nice if they would be now slightly more glossy, like some aspects of oxygen/human icons, but still loking same as now. - Aug 07 2009
Oh...ok...i understand. If you are using it with Shiki Colors theme it' not good visible. I am using Clearlooks Color, what is light version of dark Shiki so i have replaced it with default Rhythmbox icon.. IMO i don't like dark themes :) - Jul 15 2009
Please consider also leave Rhythmbox icon alone as it is, instead of replacing it with that equalizer like icon..

- Jul 14 2009
If i could bother you little. Could you in the future release add some aditional gnome stock icons for evolution? like on this image

Looks like gnome devs don't really care for those old stock icons :( - Jul 14 2009
i thing now i have realized how long i have been waiting for these icons, year after year being frustrated by slow tango or gnome icons progress.. - Jul 14 2009
You're doing great job for entire community of GNOME users, but it's really necessary to desaturate more and more icons? I'm really missing original orange Nautilus icon and current b/w suck.. - Jul 09 2009
I am using volume applet from Erectus icon set also with 'application-exit' icon for logoff/shutdown and so on.. IMO it's much nicer.. - Jun 25 2009
Hi. Could you update please Human palete also on toolbar icons back/forward/up?

Thanks for your work. - Jun 25 2009
Definitelly agree. There is no need for other color variants for now. New Human looks better, less saturated.. - Jun 24 2009
Your work is excellent, however i have only one complain. Somehow i don't like all those green music icons in Ubuntu Human version. IMO previous orange types were better. Are there somewhere available for download? - Jun 24 2009
Excellent work !!! Thank you very much. - Jun 21 2009
Excellent job! Lusers in Ubuntu artwork team should be right away kicked off.
- Jun 11 2009

GTK2 Themes 663 comments

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Aug 03 2009
It is possible to modify this theme, so for example there will be always white menus, like entire skin will be Shiki-Human, but menus when clicking on dark menu bar, will display white menus, same like in Clearlooks-Human :) IMO that would be ideal combination with all menu icons nicely visible :) Could you do that please ? - Aug 07 2009
Excellent job! Lusers in Ubuntu artwork team should be right away kicked off.

Could you please make also orange Ubuntu version with light/white menus? Maybe Human Clearlooks has the right menu color.. Because all those black menus are ugly and icons are not very good visible. - Jun 11 2009

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Feb 17 2012
Nice but... There is one major issue with this theme. Small icon sizes are very blurry what i personally hate in all those oxygen/crystal/whatever packages.. There are alway full of ugly blurry icons what is nic for dock, but rest of the GNOME looks bad. - Jul 26 2009
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

GDM Themes 123 comments

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Aug 03 2009

Do you have somewhere light version of this GDM theme ? My desktop is Clearlooks Human with X-color lite metacity - all are light/white, not like dark shiki but i am missing white GDM theme.. - Jul 25 2009

GTK2 Themes 87 comments

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Apr 29 2008
forget it - running on gommoso colors now :) - Jul 22 2009
regarding x-lite metacity - i really love it, especially with clearloks-human, gnome-colors human and gnome global menu panel applet, but my question is if i may ask you for some tweaking ?

if you look at both top corners they are IMO too much sharp and some soft rounding would be nice if you could implement. i've looking into metacity code if this is and bitmap issue, but unfortunatelly all is written code which i don't understand :(

this is only part which disturbs me

what do you thing, it's possible? - Jul 22 2009
Breathe Icon Theme

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Oct 05 2009
It has potential, but currently is ugly in coparision with gnome-colors..

These icons are simply too blurry, like any other oxygen variations or MAX OS X or other icons....

Making 1000 or more icons doesn't mean anything if all sizes are not nice, clean and SHARP.. - Jul 19 2009
Ubuntulooks Art Pack

GTK2 Themes 14 comments

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Jun 03 2006
Download link does not work anymore! Can you please fix it ??? Thanks !!! - Mar 19 2008
Tango Generator 3

Icon Sub-Sets 120 comments

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Feb 15 2008
Very promision project. But if i may suggest, don't modify every icon to Tango, for exmaple Deluge has beutiful Tango icon, but after patching is ugly. So would thankfull for selective patching or so... - Feb 15 2008
BC Tango KDE

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Jan 08 2008
Excellent job! Please continue improving this icon pack... - Dec 18 2007
openSuSE Tango

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Nov 02 2007
So let me uderstand better your comment.Do you have some problem with this nice, big icon pack or do you have some other kind of a problem ? - Dec 18 2007