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Robert Dashman New York, United States of America
Network Bandwidth Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions by onaips 4 comments

When i start your monitor.
i get a high traffic at the backround.

wireshark says: "GET /slackware/slackware.12.2-iso/slackware-12.2-install-d1.iso"

Can you release the sourcecode of your script.

Thanks Robert - Aug 05 2009
Chart icons

Icon Sub-Sets by freeiconsweb 2 comments

Great work. Thanks - Mar 21 2007
Porsche Gemballa

KDM3 Themes by joshlfisher 4 comments

your download-link to the Porsche Gemballa
is wrong linked. But thanks for the Info about Porsche Gemballa. - Mar 21 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by SmokingJoe 5 comments

Hi SmokingJoe

Great Idea. Thanks - Jan 17 2007