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M├írcio Bremm Happy Harbour (lol), Brazil

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Jul 28 2013
OK, I was nailed by those nasty symlinks... lol

$ ln -sf classy/blue/folder-templates.png $HOME/.icons/AwOkenDark/clear/128x128/places/folder-templates.png

This solved my problem. - Mar 07 2011
I made myself an icon for the theme I'm currently using, but I can't set it up.

The "patches" I took from the near areas and they're 5x9 (vertical, left from them) and 5x6 (horizontal, also left from them). Of course, it's based on 128x128/places/folder-documents.png icon. - Mar 07 2011
Elegant Gnome Pack

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Nov 16 2010
Whoops, I think I cannot test with Ambiance, since I don't have "light-themes" installed here. :-( - Aug 23 2010
I've got the same problem in Pidgin, with inactive contacts on the list. - Aug 23 2010
I changed to "Set to GTK+ theme" into Chromium options. Try it and see if that helps. - Aug 23 2010
Now I found the "error". I should close Xfce and then restart it, choosing the new name "Elegant-GTK" instead of looking for the old one known as "Re_Crono".

Xfce doesn't need gconftool-2 to switch themes, so you can mix stuff from different ones. For example, I can put Elegant-GTK together with AwOken and the Comix cursors. :)

Sorry about my lack of attention and thank you again. - Aug 23 2010
Besides the fact it's Gnome instead of Xfce, it doesn't matter, since both should be following the same Freedesktop and GTK+ directives.

The weird thing about 0.6.0 being broken is that I was using Elegant-Gnome PPA and I did install the new Murrine engine (which is in another PPA, as explained above). Anyway I tested it only in Lucid and maybe you're testing with Maverick (it shouldn't matter also, but who knows?).

I'll try doing a fresh install (purging 0.5.0 before installing 0.6.0) to see if it works. If not, I'll wait for a new release.

It's hard to find a good dark theme like yours. Thank you for the effort that you put on this one. - Aug 23 2010
Hi there,

I had to downgrade elegant-gnome to version 0.5.0 since it broke up into Xubuntu Lucid (Re_Crono and Comix cursors got vanished from options, only AwOken icons remained). Also the old mouse cursors (Comix) were a way better than the new ones, IMHO.

Does have no need of equinox in the new version (0.6.0)? In Xfce it really doesn't matter even with older ones, AFAIK.

I know I could make all this thing manually, but you may wanted to know that it worked outside Gnome. :)

Thanks in advance - Aug 23 2010

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Apr 27 2009
Same here, to get rid of those errors.

Thanks for the tip. :) - Sep 29 2009
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Feb 22 2011

by Mr-idea

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Dec 07 2009
MPlayer skin - embUtronium

by embryo

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Dec 07 2009
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Dec 01 2009

by KuduK

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Dec 01 2009

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Dec 01 2009