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Bruce 316
Black Screenlets

Conky by SweetthD3ViL 3 comments

How did you create the theme for VolumeControl? Out of the themes that came with the screenlet, only cone worked. Meaning only cone had the bar aligned. The other themes, dial & speaker doesn't. Yet yours is just a blacked out speaker and the bars aligned perfectly.

Main thing is I want to create a theme with Token icon. And instead of a bar going up and down, I want the graphic going from left to right as volume increases.

Thanks in advance for any insight. - Aug 20 2010

GDM Themes by 1stepkloser 9 comments

Can you make one for 1680x1050? - Jan 24 2008
Flowers and Leaves

Nature by syntaxtn 4 comments

Would have been better with clearer pictures instead of out-of-focus ones. Life-like, clear, High Def, etc is all the rage now. - Sep 05 2007