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simon widmer
Xfont for console

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Jan 12 2005

I just added the 'most important letters' because you cannot simply do a screenshot of consolefonts or am I wrong?

Have fun - Nov 21 2005
Hey great hint! TNX

-Sery- - Jan 13 2005
Ok I've made no a tar.gz File. Probably, your browser did not know what to do with a .gz File...

Did not work for me too with firefox...

-Sery- - Jan 13 2005
XPish grayfade at logout (KDE33x-patch)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Jan 03 2005
Probably you could imitate the action of an old TV when it's switched off.
That means the picture of the desktop getting smaller and smaller over a black background. At the end a spot of just a few pixels that remains for a sec or two on a black screen...

Wow, that's hard to explain the correct way :-)

-Sery- - Jan 12 2005
Boskop Console Font

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Jan 11 2005
BTW, I just noticed that I uploaded the font twice (a double entry) by mistake and decided to delete the first one.

2 Cesare: Thanks for your comment ;-)

-Sery- - Jan 12 2005
Probably I could do it if i find the time to pixel it. I once converted the terminal font of my xterm so I'll post it in a few minutes. Note that this font is best used with a crisp clear monitor or a TFT-screen because it's a thin font...

-Sery- - Jan 12 2005

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Jan 10 2005
Yup, I guess so. I am using it with XFCE and the XFCE-smooth theme at the moment...
That's also a light theme.

I even think of making a cursor set that uses the same style but will be almost black.

Have fun

-Sery- - Jan 11 2005

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Mar 10 2004
Of course, I just thought that grey would be nice to start with ...

What colour(s) do you like? I thought about a blue one although there are already quite a lot here...

Shall I animate also the hourglass?

-Sery- - Mar 12 2004