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Dennis Pfeiffer Kassel
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148 Cute Tux Icons (PNG)

Drawings/Paintings by farizluqman 33 comments

Did you gave Tux number 13 knowingly that Müller will wear it? - Jun 05 2010

GTK2 Themes by naaamo2004 44 comments

Good work!
What Dock do you you use? Looks nice! - Nov 30 2009
Natasha Yi #1

GDM Themes by joshatezmail4u 3 comments

She's beautiful! What a girl! - Oct 29 2009
Red Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by cHeLo77 2 comments

Very nice! - Sep 18 2009

Conky by pxjava 165 comments

...the link doesn't work. - Aug 30 2009
LINUX que viva la revolucion!

Wallpaper Other by erosenninrho 19 comments

Once again you wrote no answer. And you really don't know what you are talking about. I could write 1000 times that there's a difference between dictatorships an political philosophy (a bigger part of my studies).

And the most funniest thing: China? Communism? Must be a joke, they are following a turbo-capitalism mixed with a dictatorship. Got nothing to do with communism. MArx' communism is for people - not for elite. Maybe the countries of your example call themselves communistic but if there are rich and poor people it isn't like that. Then it's just a dictatorship, a cheat. GDR called itself "democratic" (what wasn't true, just like china isn't communistic. It's a cheat): Is democracy bad, too, only because they called their country democratic?

Let's make a deal: You will read Marx' Capital or the communstic manifest and I will read a book of an anti-communist of your choice. Then we can discuss once again. And, please, don't make fascism same as any other thing. The nazis were singular bad. 6 Million jews, millions of german communists and socialdemocrats, gays, gypsies - they all died in the camps. 55 Million dead people - that isn't toppable and the worst thing ever exists. - Aug 13 2009
LINUX que viva la revolucion!

Wallpaper Other by erosenninrho 19 comments

Unbelievable how bad your political education is. First: Nothing is as bad as facism. No communism, no capitalism, no mix between both. Second: There's still a difference between a dictatorship and Marx' democratic ideal of communism. In education (and in health care, too) you could learn a lot from Cuba.When I'm following your argumentation, I can say: Stone Mountain Parties, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Chile had showed how much better and humane capitalism is... - Aug 12 2009
LINUX que viva la revolucion!

Wallpaper Other by erosenninrho 19 comments

What a bullshit...

Communism is a political direction. Fascism is a crime. The fact that Stalin, Honnecker, Ceaucescu used communism as an alibi for saving their dictatorship is another thing. Communism for itself and as a political and democratical direction is nothing wrong. Nobody has banned US-flags (much worse: the confederations-flag)and a lot of Indians, Afro-Americans (communists in 50's & 60's, too) and other people without european-roots were choked or killed by that "good" people. - Aug 11 2009
Blond Woman

GDM Themes by rass 5 comments

...what a phantastic girl! - Jun 21 2009
gonzobuntu splashy theme

Splashy Themes by expoengllish 3 comments

But HST's Gonzo was a hunt for the American dream. So the flag is in point of view absolutly adequate. - Jun 19 2009

Wallpaper Other by 11is 2 comments

Thank you! I'm understanding your Idea. But I like to keep it very near to the original concept by Ralph Steadman.

- May 14 2009
Legalize It!

GDM Themes by vaxxipooh 8 comments

Cannabis is no drug but soothing herbs or homeopathic sedatives - not as half dangerous as alcohol. Just a victim of a stupid demonization campaign. - Apr 06 2009
Alumina Icons

Full Icon Themes by cagwait 6 comments

Damn cool! Will you extend it? - Mar 19 2009
Palma de Mallorca

Wallpaper Other by rodzief 1 comment

One of the most beatifully islands worldwide! Got an appartement there ;-) - Feb 22 2009

Cliparts by RockaEterna 4 comments

Russia treats itself more badly than any foreign politician could do it... - Jan 26 2009
Ein Screenshot wäre schön! - Jan 26 2009
Sattes Lebensbejaendes Schwarz

Wallpaper Other by anbothe 1 comment

Die WP ist auch ganz nett, aber der Name zum Brüllen komisch... - Dec 08 2008
Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert

Nautilus Scripts by marc41 383 comments works phantastic!

Good job, man! - Nov 05 2008

GTK2 Themes by donoterase 85 comments

Thanks guys. I'll try it!

The theme is great! - Sep 23 2008

GTK2 Themes by donoterase 85 comments

Hello and Moin!

The link to OpenOffice workaround/fix is broken. Can I find it anywhere? - Sep 22 2008
Temple of Music

Gnome Screenshots by LucaZPF 7 comments

It's nothing of that. Just a screenshot...

I'd be interested in the wallpaper. - Sep 19 2008
Under the golden sun of Serbia!

Wallpaper Other by milandebian 4 comments

Thank you Milan for clarify the words by pm and sorry if I was to hasty!

For all who can't understand: It means "We are all birth under the golden sun of Serbia" and thats a part of a folk song made for the olympic games.

- Sep 17 2008
Under the golden sun of Serbia!

Wallpaper Other by milandebian 4 comments

What's the meaning of the words? It seems like some nationalistic crap... - Sep 14 2008

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 38 comments

Nice theme!

What's the name of the icon-theme? I like it! - Aug 26 2008
Bielefeld City Lights

GDM Themes by landro 4 comments

I wanna wake up in the city that never exist ;-) - Aug 05 2008
Elvux Usplash

Usplash Themes by 11is 5 comments

I'll add a Gnome-splash in a couple of days.

Thank you for reply! - Mar 26 2008