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Andrew Andrew Olympia, WA
KDE 3.x Splash Screens
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Jan 28 2006
Um, now that I've downloaded and played with it, I see you've already preserved the transparency...still an XCF would be cool. - Feb 04 2006
This is wicked cool. An XCF would be nice, especially if it preserves layers.That way I wouldn't have to try to find and scan my Duke Nukem CD again... ;)

Well done! - Feb 04 2006
PCLinuxOS back-in-black

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by Jurek
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Feb 03 2006
Well done! Any hope of a bootsplash screen in the works? - Feb 03 2006

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by 0x29a
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Feb 02 2006
Thanks for the comment. The hand is hers and is unchanged from the photograph, but it can appear to be an odd perspective, huh? The modesty is hers, as well. Sorry, but what can I say? It is up to her. I consider myself lucky, though. :) - Feb 03 2006
Hey! Thank you very much! This is the first serious graphics stuff I've done in some years, so wallpaper may be a long time coming. I will definitely work on it, though. Thanks again. - Feb 01 2006
Hehehe... Yes...well...thank you, but the lady does have to have some modesty. :) - Jan 30 2006
Thanks. I'm also fishing for suggestions on modifying it. I'm thinking something along the lines of giving the whole image a raised look. Thoughts? Ideas? Leave well enough alone? - Jan 30 2006
Thank you for the comment. I don't mind if hundreds look (they do whenever we go places anyway...). It's a nice picture that exposes less than if she were wearing a bikini. So, sure....why not. - Jan 29 2006

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Dec 24 2005
namaste - Jan 17 2006

by geflei

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