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Icon Sub-Sets by -DarKat- 5 comments

Per il momento non sono sicuro di voler crearne una versione bitmap, io le uso già in vettoriale, la macchina non ne soffre più di tanto e la qualità mi sembra buona anche nelle icone piccole (le icone in alto a destra nella barra di gnome sono 24x24).
... devo confessare però di aver barato nel tema, tengo le icone più grandi del normale in quanto uso una risoluzione video piuttosto alta, 1280x1024 ;-)

In ogni caso, a tempo debito, ho intenzione di mettre su un portalino come si deve in cui, chi voglia contribuire potrà farlo aggiungendo nuove icone in stile, magari una versione bitmkap e, perchè no, una per KDE.

Sorry for italian answer:
cimi86 asks to maintain a high quality in the small icons (24x24 and 16x16) but I don't know if I will realize in person a bitmap version considering that the vectorial version involves well. - Oct 31 2006
Mesaview - preview

Icon Sub-Sets by -DarKat- 5 comments

I believed they you all disgusting! ;-))

I am working for completing the set... the whole set! and it is indeed an hard job!

Is true, some monitors have different anglings.
The correct perspective is that of the first icon of the second line but the third icon on the same line it's better interpretable, above all if you consider that it's an net-state icon and it comes small on the gnome bar...

The different level of refraction is wanted, different materials reflect light in different way, the paper of directory and of packages they reflect less than plastic or metal alert symbols.
IMHO it give a touch of realism.

Apart the case above the perspective it rigorously respected, the frontal icons as the arrows, the cut/paste, etc... the gtk icons in short, have a frontal position to be well sights on the toolbar or menu but the perspective it is the same one, it is understood by the shadow (even if it is small) ; -)

Thanks also of the compliments!:-) - Oct 31 2006