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inMouse Dark Edition

Wallpapers XFCE/Xubuntu by ptalfred
[color=#020052][b]inMouse Dark Edition from XFCE Series[/b][/color] For more details: [URL
xfce linux wallpaper xubuntu linuxmint artwork
Score 66.7%
2 days ago


Wallpapers XFCE/Xubuntu by ptalfred
[color=#020052][b]inMouse from XFCE Series[/b][/color] For more details: [URL=https
xfce xubuntu linux linux-lite linux-mint wallpaper artwork
Score 71.4%
Sep 12 2019

Katalina script for XFCE4

Utilities by zayronXIO
[h2]KATALINA SCRIPT[/h2] Simple script in python to quickly change the appearance of xfce4
macos mojave catalina xfce software app
Score 50.0%
Sep 01 2019


Distros by Zecas
A great Linux distribution translated in more than 100 languages. - Live media allows to install software without disk install, in the limit of system RAM space. - Lots of packages including several Desktops and a lot of games - Graphical Configuration Tools are desktop independent...
distro plasma5 gnome xfce icewm
Score 50.0%
Aug 12 2019

Clearlooks Overcast - GTK2 and GTK3 -

GTK3 Themes by vauss
created for the Xfce Desktop. Available for both GTK2 and GTK3. Available in 4 versions: - for gtk3.24
linux unix gnome theme gtk3 xfce debian gtk2
Score 81.9%
Aug 14 2019

Treepata - High contrast

Icon Themes by Treepata
Treepata - High Contrast - is based on the Xfce High Contrast icon theme, and developed
icon-theme linux unix black white xfce icons treepata
Score 73.0%
Aug 04 2019

Zafiro icons

Icon Themes by zayronXIO
[url=]Files[/url]. for themes xfce or lxde
1600x900 kde gnome xfce flat icon-theme linux unix plasma
Score 86.9%
Aug 03 2019

flat two colors

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by ayaya
An xfwm4 theme I made to go along with the Fantome GTK theme.
linux xfwm4 xfce unix theme
Score 50.0%
Jul 29 2019


Wallpapers Raspberry by hellocodelinux
wallpaper raspberry
raspberry kde xfce wallpaper artwork
Score 50.0%
Jul 20 2019


Wallpapers Slackware by hellocodelinux
wallpaper slackware
slackware xfce kde wallpaper artwork
Score 50.0%
Jul 20 2019