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Anime Girls Ubuntu Wallpapers

Wallpapers Ubuntu by thevladsoft
Collection of anime wallpapers with Ubuntu logo. Want to donate a cup of coffee? [URL=https
wallpaper artwork ubuntu
5 .0
1 day ago

Marwaita Ubuntu

GTK3 Themes by darkomarko42
this is a ubuntu version for Marwaita theme 1.4 update
ubuntu orange marwaita gtk3 purple linux unix theme gnome
6 .8
Sep 09 2020

MacOS-3D Plank's

Plank Themes by abhishekzambare
if you like then please give ratings Plank is the best tool in the Linux for managing your applications like Mac OS, but you need best themes to make it look like Mac I have created some plank themes you can download from my GitHub account . download...
macos bigsur elementary manjaro ubuntu linux unix extension dock plank
6 .8
Aug 29 2020

XONE CoolFlow Ubuntu

Gnome Shell Themes by unc926
___________________________________________________________________ ▶ [b]A R C H I V E D E T A I L S ! ! ![/b] ◀ ___________________________________________________________________ [b]DASH to DOCK USERS [/b]
gnome osx theme ubuntu linux unix gnome-shell
5 .4
Aug 19 2020

Ubuntu Breeze

Konsole Color Schemes by prtk-alpha
A Konsole colorscheme combining the default themes of Ubuntu terminal and Breeze, the default KDE
konsole ubuntu breeze addon
5 .0
Aug 14 2020

Ubuntu Abstract 4K

Wallpapers Ubuntu by antechdesigns
Exclusive to Opendesktop
ubuntu linux wallpaper artwork
6 .0
Aug 10 2020


GTK3 Themes by abhishekzambare
MacOS-3D is a Gtk3 theme created using the awesome Orchis theme( Icon theme : MacOS-3D -- ** If you like the theme then support project by giving ratings, thank you. ** To install themes : 1) downdload...
macos bigsur elementary material ubuntu linux unix theme gnome gtk3
7 .1
Aug 15 2020


GTK3 Themes by abhishekzambare
if you like then please give ratings elementosh-gtk 1) downdload zip file 2) copy all the themes and pest it in /home/{ put your username }/.themes directory 3) apply themes and enjoy
elementary pantheon gtk3 ubuntu material linux unix theme gnome
7 .2
Aug 15 2020

Yaru Remix

Full Icon Themes by muqtxdir
[b][u]Yaru-remix[/u][/b] [b][i]Fork of Ubuntu's Yaru-theme[/i][/b] Works with [b]GNOME-3.36
ubuntu yaru yaru-remix icons icon-theme linux unix
5 .0
Aug 01 2020


Gnome Shell Themes by idbr1-8
Based on Yaru installation: extract the theme.tar.xz to ~/.themes/ [][/URL]
yaru ubuntu gnome theme linux unix gnome-shell
6 .5
Aug 01 2020