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Developers Apps by md2222
Kit for building HTML-applications. Based on webkit2gtk. No Node.js, etc. No server. 73 Kb! Just one Javascript function passes data to the application and returns a response. (var resp = jsCoreRequest(queryWithParam, data);) Cgi-like plugins. Make your applications and plugins! Besides с++...
html javascript software app
5 .0
1 hour ago


Utilities by nick87720z
Daemon for adaptive backlight, using web camera as light sensor. Features: - no systemd dependency - effective: up to 30fps for camera input without notable performance losses - no need for X, backlight is controlled via ACPI (though xbacklight is supported too) - auto-restart on...
backlight adaptive ambient software app
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1 day ago


Developers Apps by coolstardevil
How to Build AR Apps using Google Ar Core
software app
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Nov 24 2020

windows 10 start menu for linux

Utilities by omiasoft
Totorial, Please watch :
windows10 startmenu linux software app
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2 days ago


Audio Apps by strimio
Strimio is a cloud-based streaming service that provides you with access to tens of thousands of live streams from all over the world. You can play and add them to your private library. Wherever you go, whatever you do, your library goes with you. Your streams are synced to all of your...
radio video streaming t.v software app audio audio-other
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1 day ago

MD Tag Notes

Notes by md2222
MD Tag Notes one more program for text notes. Keeping it simple... For fast work and minimum size. Notes are grouped by tags. Note may have multiple tags. Sqlite is used to store data. (I have never had data loss.) Encryption supported. Some help in help button tooltip. 0.3.7 - History and...
notes software app
5 .0
Nov 23 2020


Music Production by joel2001k
Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer is a tree based audio processing engine released under the terms of the GNU GPLv3+. It uses extensively threads, supporting LADSPA, DSSI and Lv2 plugin format.
gtk audio midi sequencer realtime software app production
6 .0
Nov 24 2020

MD Router Control

Network by md2222
Opens your router's web interface by one click on the tray icon. The password is stored in gnome keyring. After closing the interface window, checks connection to the test address and changes tray icon color. Based on webkit2gtk. 0.0.3 - More secure. Removes item from keyring when password is...
router internet software app
5 .6
Nov 21 2020

Vulmax sd600 series

Utilities by believer
This version of vulmax is for sd600 series only
software app
6 .7
Nov 19 2020


Utilities by believer
Gaming center is an app for gamers to improve their gaming experience and to set things in ease
software app
5 .0
Nov 19 2020