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Ditto Menu

Plasma 5 Menus by adhe
[u][b]Ditto menu for plasma.[/b][/u] Configurable grid of application icons. [b]Based
extension menu linux plasma plasma-5 kde unix widget
Score 71.8%
2 days ago

Tiled Menu

Plasma 5 Menus by Zren
A menu based on Windows 10's Start Menu. [b]v20+ requires Plasma 5.12+[/b] [b]Supports
plasma plasma-5 menu kde linux extension unix widget
Score 86.0%
2 days ago

Menu Z

Plasma 5 Menus by adhe
[color=#1E92F7][u][b]Menu Z menu[/b][/u][/color] Menu with the layout of Windows10
extension unix widget windows menu plasma plasma-5 kde linux
Score 72.2%
May 30 2020

Avalon Menu

Plasma 5 Menus by adhe
[u][b]Avalon menu[/b][/u] Classic layout for menu applications ;) [b]Based
extension unix widget menu linux kde plasma plasma-5
Score 74.4%
May 23 2020


Plasma 5 Menus by cupnoodles
Application menu with Favorites and Applications displayed in multiple columns. Features
menu kickoff launcher linux plasma plasma-5 plasma5 plasmoid kde extension widget unix
Score 70.0%
May 27 2020

Kpple Menu

Plasma 5 Menus by rborgniet
The Kpple menu is a drop-down menu of Kpple OS, similar to the Apple's menu. NOTE: Kpple Menu
extension widget unix kde linux plasma plasma-5 menu kpple
Score 76.0%
May 21 2020

Launchpad Plasma

Plasma 5 Menus by adhe
[u][b]Launchpad applications menu for plasma.[/b][/u] Full-screen menu grid of icons
extension fullscreen linux plasma plasma-5 kde menu widget unix
Score 85.2%
May 09 2020

Windows 8 Start Menu for Linux

Utilities by omiasoft
this menu for wide screen only after you downloaded, don't run it please watch this tutorial
software menu windows8 app
Score 50.0%
Apr 08 2020

Menu X

Plasma 5 Menus by adhe
[color=#1E92F7][u][b]Menu X[/b][/u][/color] Menu with the layout of WindowsX [color=#008E02
menu linux kde plasma plasma-5 unix widget windows extension
Score 76.7%
Mar 16 2020

Plasma Activity sensitive menu

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by skeleton21
This menu allows you to have separate configurations for each application (browser, file manager
menu kde plasma linux unix activity extension
Score 50.0%
Jan 07 2020