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Notes by szinedine
DeepTags is a markdown notes manager with support for nested tags and offers simple ways to edit
markdown note notes qt5 software app
5 .0
Sep 25 2020

Markdown Plasmoid

Plasma 5 Applets by jooooscha
This is a plasmoid that can show a markdown file. I use it for showing my notes, that I always
plasmoid markdown linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
5 .0
Apr 17 2020

Markdown Snippets

KTextEditor Snippets by dark-eye
Some Simple Markdown snippets for your any other *.md needs :)
markdown snippets kate kdevelop addon
5 .0
Mar 01 2020


Notes by recollectr
/Create Omnibox - Natural language reminders - Real-time markdown conversion - Keyboard-focused
software app notes reminders markdown snippets omnibox
5 .0
Apr 05 2019


Text Editors by dvorka_1
performing Markdown IDE which respects your privacy and enables security. MindForger is actually more than
markdown ide notebook knowledge outliner software app
5 .8
Aug 30 2018


Text Editors by pbe78
[b]QOwnNotes[/b] is the notepad for [b]Linux[/b], [b]Mac OS X[/b] and [b]Windows[/b] (it's written in C++/Qt), that works together with the notes application of ownCloud. [li]You [b]own[/b] your own notes! All notes are stored as [b]text files[/b] on your desktop...
app software note nextcloud markdown owncloud
7 .7
Jun 26 2017