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TraditionalOk Clearlooks Colours

GTK3 Themes by rosaastrum
MATE's TraditionalOk theme in seven new colour variants based on the classic gnome-colors icon theme. The theme's base colour has also been changed to grey from the standard off-white in an attempt to be easier on the eyes. Designed for the MATE desktop, but should work with any environment that...
6 .9
Jul 25 2020

Azure App [ROOT]

Phone Apps by joshuaconstantinek
Features and Description : Azure App is a profiler app wich have total 8 of profile, each profile have different kind of tunings and different processor have different kind of tunings too. and thereis no placeabo effect in this app nor collect your data. so here is the Profile simple...
6 .0
Jul 15 2020

Steampunk Gauge

Plasma Charts Faces by mart
A face for the System Monitor widget supporting a single sensor that uses an old looking analog gauge
5 .0
Jul 13 2020

CPU Use Plotter

Plasma Charts Presets by mart
A line graph that plots the total CPU usage over time
5 .0
Jul 09 2020

HTML Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by the-unknown
This plugin allows you to use webpages as your KDE Plasma wallpaper. Set the layout style to Folder View to keep input focus on the desktop icons. The webpage isn't clickable this way. Set the layout style to Desktop View to give input focus to the browser and hide desktop icons. This...
5 .6
Jun 18 2020

Shades of Grey

Ice-WM Themes by MarcusMoeller
Shades of Grey is a stylish grey IceWM theme.
8 .1
May 23 2020

Kpple Menu

Plasma 5 Menus by rborgniet
The Kpple menu is a drop-down menu of Kpple OS, similar to the Apple's menu. NOTE: Kpple Menu requires Plasma version 5.9 or higher and KDE Frameworks version 5.34 or higher.
7 .9
May 21 2020

Particles Vortex

Plasma Charts Faces by mart
A face for the System Monitor widget that show values as intensity of a vortex of colored particles
4 .2
May 13 2020


Full Icon Themes by jennie
A modified version of the Ubuntu Humanity Icon theme that allows you to easily change the icon colors. Essentially, Humanities was inspired by the Gnome-Colors project. Humanity is designed and developed by Daniel Foré, Jonian Guveli, and K.Vishnoo Charan Reddy. [b]WARNING:[/b] This project...
7 .4
Apr 25 2020


Plasma 5 Multimedia by zanturik
Plasmoid for viewing youtube videos on your desktop. You should have google account to use this plasmoid. Current version 3.0.4 Features: * playing youtube video :) * searching video, channels and playlist * presets editing and sorting (settings -> youtube channels -> click and hold,...
7 .8
Apr 24 2020