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Qogir icon theme

Icon Themes by vinceliuice
This is a colorful and flat design icon theme with obvious borders. ---------- In order to provide a consistent experience across all desktops, I designed this theme to support all popular desktops. ---------- wish you guys like it! ------------------------- [b] Supported desktops...
linux unix icon-theme
Score 87.4%
2 hours ago

Dominus Funeral

Icon Themes by ju1464
[color=#B10404][h2][b]Metalheads icons.[/b][/h2][/color] Turn your desk into a cemetery, open tombs and examine coffins on your computer. [b]Installation:[/b] Extract file and copy/paste as root in /usr/share/icons/ [b]Donations:[/b] If you like my work I will be happy if you...
linux unix icon-theme metalhead icons
Score 82.5%
4 hours ago

Cyan Papirus

Icon Themes by hendra
* Bismillah * Theme Based on Papirus icons theme * With Dark and Light Theme * Tested on LXQt, Gnome, Cinnamon, XFCE and Budgie Installation : - Download the tar file and extract it - Copy paste in /usr/share/icons Hope you like it.
papirus modernlook linux unix icon-theme
Score 50.0%
20 hours ago


Icon Themes by Cybernix
Newaita icon theme is licensed under the [B]CC BY-NC-SA 3.0[/B] Linux icon theme combining old style and color of material design. [B]Arch linux[/B] Arch Linux users can find Newaita under the name newaita-icons-git in the AUR: [I]$ aurman -S newaita-icons-git[/I] Special thanks to: ...
linux unix icon-theme
Score 88.8%
2 days ago


Icon Themes by tarma
Korla icon theme is a mix of following icon sets: Korla and Papirus. App icons were originated from Mac themes and are being replaced by our own icons. *korla - for dark themes with dark panel *korla-light - for light themes with dark panel (depends on Korla) *korla-light-panel - for...
korla icon-theme icons khorla linux unix tarma
Score 88.6%
1 day ago


Icon Themes by x-varlesh-x
Papirus - it's free and open source SVG-based icon theme for Linux with material and flat style. All elements have clear distinction and outlines. Also main feature - it's jucy colors tone. Papirus support hardcode-tray script: Folder...
papirus icon-theme icons material linux unix
Score 87.7%
Sep 19 2019


Icon Themes by vinceliuice
MacOSX Mojave like circle icon theme for linux desktops -------------------------- Based on OSX_ONE: [url][/url] -------------------------- [b]You can use this with:[/b] -------------------------- [b]GTK theme[/b] Mojave-gtk-theme:...
linux unix icon-theme
Score 88.5%
2 days ago


Icon Themes by hendra
* Bismillah * Theme inspired by windows 10 icons theme (c) Microsoft * Based on Papirus icons theme * Tested on LXQt, Gnome, Cinnamon, XFCE and Budgie Installation : - Download the tar file and extract it - Copy paste in /usr/share/icons Hope you like it.
lubuntu windows10 lxqt linux unix icon-theme
Score 58.0%
1 day ago

Avidity Icons and Folders

Icon Themes by rtl88
Avidity is a new GTK, xfwm4, openbox-3, GNOME-Shell, and Cinnamon- Dark Mode Theme. These are the icons and folders which have been carefully crafted to match the Avidity desktop flavors, but they can surely compliment others that sport matching color hues. The Avidity matching desktop...
linux unix icon-theme
Score 84.7%
Sep 18 2019

PUNK-Theme 4-Flavor Iconpack

Icon Themes by rtl88
Descriptions of the PUNK-Theme range from "easy to see," "slightly disturbed," "funky," "somehow elegant," "unhinged," "fun," "outrageous," to just "wow." They are probably all very correct statements. This icon set showcases 4 color variations which exactly match their desktop-theme...
dark multicolor punk-theme gradient neon linux unix icon-theme
Score 80.0%
18 hours ago