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Bibata Rainbow

Cursors by Kaiz
[b]Bibata[/b] Cursor Theme with [b]semi-animated[/b] rainbow colours. This Cursor is built
bibata animated xcursors linux unix cursor
6 .7
Nov 15 2020

PixWorkHorse Cursor theme

Cursors by kp2401075
Pix Work Horse cursor theme. Your everyday workhorse cursor theme. based on PIX cursor theme
linux unix cursor
5 .0
Nov 11 2020


Cursors by Kaiz
[b]Bibata[/b] Cursor Theme with [b]HiDPi[/b] Display support. This Cursor is built with [b][url
bibata cursor x11 windows linux unix
8 .9
Nov 09 2020

PixFlat Cursor

Cursors by kp2401075
PixFlat cursor theme from Raspberry PI. I quite like this cursor theme from raspberry pi's Pixel
raspberry pi pix pixel pidesktop linux unix cursor
6 .3
Nov 11 2020


Cursors by abhishekzambare
/]elementosh-Originals-Gtk[/url] Cursor Theme: [url=]elementosh-Originals
elemetary linux unix cursor
7 .1
Nov 06 2020

LiOS V cursors

Cursors by im-ams
LiOS V,Cursors for humans **updated the old file with new one, can use in any possible screen
cursors macos osx apple unix linux cursor
7 .4
Nov 08 2020

We10XOS cursors

Cursors by yeyushengfan258
We10XOS cursors for linux desktops This is an x-cursor theme inspired by WinOS based
linux unix cursor
8 .0
Nov 03 2020

Blox Cursors

Cursors by jlue
Time for a new cursor style BloxCursors is an X11 mouse theme with a geometric look and feel
linux unix cursor
7 .1
Nov 02 2020


Cursors by abhishekzambare
-Original Cursor is based on Yaru Theme.[/b] [b]Faded-Original is a Flat Design theme for GNOME/GTK
faded flat material linux unix cursor
5 .0
Nov 03 2020

Bibata Cursor Translucent

Cursors by silicasandwhich
A translucent variant of the material-based cursor based on bibata:
cursor cursors linux unix
7 .0
Oct 31 2020