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XKCD comics skill

Entertainment by jarbasai
Comics from Can be used as idle screen for mark2
mycroft skills xkcd comics mark2 addon
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Jun 16 2020

Stop This Sound

Comics by collinxd
Japanese anime comics
comics anime comic
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Jan 31 2020

Spider bite

Plasma Splashscreens by webslingr
Extract and paste into ~/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/
comics spider splashscreen linux unix theme kde plasma plasma-5
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Oct 25 2019

Mojo Paint

Krita Resource Bundles by saegerart
Mojo Paint provides brushes especially for cartoonists. Stroker brushes use the spike feature built into Krita's brush engine to simulate a sort of brush stroke look, without the need for an imitative attached brushy graphic. Stroke Modeler draws from the opposite side of the color wheel to...
addon cartoon comics comic_book
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Feb 15 2019

Mojo Ink

Krita Resource Bundles by saegerart
Mojo Ink aims to be an extensive collection of inking resources for professional and hobbyist cartoonists. New pens are already being crafted for version 2. An incomplete listing of what is now included: ---- Inker The Inker brush tip is an oval instead of a circle, in an effort to...
addon comics cartooning comic_book
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Feb 15 2019

Mojo Tone

Krita Resource Bundles by saegerart
49 screentone shades plus black for creating the classic halftone look of manga masterpieces. The halftone is not decorative fru fru, but solid black and ready for print. Each shade interlocks seamlessly. Each tone when set to *erase mode* erases itself and lighter tones. Seamless interaction...
addon comics cartooning comic_book
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Feb 15 2019

Mojo Tools

Krita Resource Bundles by saegerart
A small collection of tools to use with the other Mojo bundles. Mojo is primarily aimed at cartoonists and comic books. The four Mojo bundles are: Mojo Tools, Mojo Ink, Mojo Tone, and Mojo Paint. Mojo Tools includes pencils, erasers, and other tools for prep and cleanup. The gutter tool...
comics comic_book cartooning addon
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Feb 15 2019

Poorly drawn lines

Plasma Comic Sources by thevladsoft Want to donate a cup of coffe? []
linux unix comic-source extension kde plasma comics comicstrip
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Feb 13 2019