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Vertex BE::Shell

Be-Shell/Bespin by Hombremaledico
A unity-alike BE::Shell theme inspired by the Vertex gtk suite. [b]Install[/b] Download the archive from the link below or clone the git repo with: [i]git clone[/i] You can either use the provided script or copy manually the...
linux unix theme be-shell
7 .4
Nov 24 2014

M4qu3l4n-01 Bespin

Be-Shell/Bespin by m4qu3l4n
linux unix be-shell theme
5 .9
Jun 05 2014

Spaced be::shell

Be-Shell/Bespin by dys4ya
No docks, no global menus, nothing designed to sell apples in the fruit shop. If you like it, use it.
linux unix be-shell theme
5 .9
Jan 31 2014


Be-Shell/Bespin by thomas12777
A widget style for Qt4 - Pretty configurable - More Mac than Windows - but no clone at all - Don't ask me to port Baghira ;-) [b]As for what to do with GTK+[/b] applications, have a look here: It suites the default look pretty well....
linux unix be-shell theme
8 .3
Apr 25 2013

Bespin simple theme

Be-Shell/Bespin by desudesu
Well, it's a theme for Bespin. Nothing spectacular, move along, citizen :v
linux unix be-shell theme
7 .4
Feb 22 2013

Beshell and Bespin on Isotope

Be-Shell/Bespin by rvc-2011
My first attempt in installing Be Shell and Bespin on PC-BSD KDE4 desktop. Total details of the shot is available with a full size image on the download link. Thank you for your visit / Preview.
linux unix be-shell theme
5 .8
Dec 18 2012

Produkt colorcheme for Bespin (KDE4)

Be-Shell/Bespin by yokmp
Just a few colors. Grad Bespin here: Install Produkt Plasma theme and Bespin. Grab my Bespin theme here: Open Bespins settings manager (type bespin in a Terminal or use ALT+F2) Click import and Select the...
linux unix be-shell theme
5 .3
Nov 28 2012

BE::Shell and Bespin on Arch

Be-Shell/Bespin by rvc-2011
Please follow the download link for a larger preview and screenshot details... Thank you for your preview..
linux unix be-shell theme
6 .3
Nov 05 2012


Be-Shell/Bespin by danni
my modification of the bespin icon file, There are some added icons, a few changes and this set is rendered in white for dark themes
linux unix be-shell theme
5 .8
Nov 01 2012

Blackstone Bespin

Be-Shell/Bespin by D--
A couple of dark themes for Bespin. All credit goes to its creator. It needs Bespin>=1581: A QtCurve version is available here:
linux unix be-shell theme
7 .7
Oct 13 2012