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Utilities by Upgreyed
ddCopy writes bootable iso image files * Makes a bootable CD/DVD * Makes a bootable USB key * Formats a USB key
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19 hours ago

Cleaner Kernel

File Management by kaguyaflasher
~{CLEANER KERNEL}~ ~ Alangkah baiknya sebelum kalian flash custom kernel, Kalian Flash "cleaner kernel" ini baru flash custom kernel lainnya. ~ »Reboot TWRP. »Flash kernel cleaner. »HATI² jangan reboot system sebelum Flash custom kernel!!! »Flash custom kernel/kernel...
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2 days ago


Utilities by wedesoft
AnyMeal is a free recipe database software developed using SQLite3 and Qt5. It can manage a cookbook with more than 250,000 recipes, thereby allowing to import, export, search, display, edit, and print them. AnyMeal is available for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows.
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1 day ago


Music Production by rncbc
Qtractor is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt framework
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Aug 07 2020

OBS - screen recorder

Screen Recorders by hcsubser
I am just providing an appimage
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Aug 06 2020


System Software by azubieta
AppImage management tool. Allows to search, install, update and remove AppImage from: - https
appimage management installer desktop software app
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Aug 07 2020

TRB Music Player

Audioplayers by thehardgamer
A simple music player i wrote in python, can also convert youtube videos to mp3 and save them locally. Requirements-: For linux-> You need to have python installed along with ffmpeg, you can simply clone the source and run it as "python" after installing requirements using pip For...
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Aug 06 2020


Utilities by zayronXIO
I'm not the developer, just package it, donation and cheers for the real developer. [url][/url]
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Aug 04 2020


Utilities by posktomten
to AppImage. Pleas visit
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Aug 04 2020


Utilities by aaronrennyv
A shell script script used to create backups of your home folder (only your personal files) This script is used to copy contents of your home folder, to an external drive. This script is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 REMEMBER, You MUST edit this file before...
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Aug 03 2020