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Created by Spoiledbroth for Openbox 3.6.1

Vedanta-dark is an Openbox 3 theme intended to fit the stock GNOME Project Adwaita-dark theme. It is based off the work of several other individuals, having been forked from the Ambiance/Radiance themes for XFCE & LXDE by the RAVEfinity project. The RAVEfinity project discontinued maintaining the Ambiance/Radiance themes as of May 8th, 2015.

You can download a self-contained Adwaita-dark GTK 2/3 theme from (thanks to Iki Shamuayka for providing the GTK theme) or get the latest code from the GNOME Project Github Mirror at

Ambiance/Radiance for XFCE & LXDE by RAVEfinity project was based upon:
- Ambiance Openbox Theme by David Barr (C) 2010 GPL. (
- Ambiance Openbox Theme, Fixes and code by RAVEfinity (Jared Sot.) (C)2012-2014
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