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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


A Kvantum theme based on the original work by PapirusDevelopmentTeam - some modifications to "greenify" the original theme and keep it still Materia.
All credits to Manjaro and Materia themes developers:

Color schemes are here:

GTK themes:
Last changelog:

A couple of fixes 4 days ago

Itemview part fixed.



3 months ago

9 9 excellent




5 months ago

8 8 great


C S1


5 months ago

Thanks, I did my best to make this look authentic in Manjaro.




7 months ago

10 10 the best very good




1 year ago

8 8 great




2 years ago

9 +Thanks. I love the dark version




2 years ago

9 +


A couple of fixes 4 days ago

Itemview part fixed.

Oops 20 days ago

Changed tbutton color of dark theme to green.

Button fixes 22 days ago

Updated buttons colors to look more distinct when using light themes.
Added an up-to-date screenshot.

Some fixes 25 days ago

Fixed dialogs, headers and tabframes.

Lots of changes 29 days ago

Rebased on the updated upstream, and dark option now looks much better imho.

Kvantum themes now look more in line with GTK ones 7 months ago

Active tabs have a color hint now (you gonna love it).
Fixed menu's color for dark theme.

Backports of upstream fixes 11 months ago

LineEdit and ComboBox fixes

Rebase 11 months ago

Rebased on the updated upstream version
Blur version has been removed

Darker text 1 year ago

Made text darker and easier to read (light themes).

Lots of small fixes 1 year ago

Lots of fixes including naming (so remove old themes to prevent clutter), tabs' borders, some contrast tweaks and the last but not least:
Regular version selections are way better now (for instance, during renaming a file).

Finally I like what I see 1 year ago

Fixed tab frame for dark themes.
Dark theme header is lighter now.
Colors are almost the same as in GTK themes.
Light theme now uses Breath2 background color, not so gray as before.
Screenshot updated.


Minor fixes and improvements 1 year ago

Some minor tweaks: Materia Breath menubar color correction, itemview highlight correction.

Better "lookalike" feel with GTK apps 1 year ago

Kinda massive update. OK it's not, but dark theme lovers would see the difference instantly.
Tell me if you like it.
Use with color-schemes, updated too. And GTK have seen an update recently as well.
Holy macaroni.


Button frame 1 year ago

Back to 5, because 8 was ginormous and ugly anyway.

Rebased on current upstream code 1 year ago

Rebased on current upstream code, but still some fixes for the light themes.
It's a shame that tooltips are being ignored for such a long time.

PS: those who don't like enormous toolbar [buttons] size, you might want to edit ~/.config/Kvantum/%themename%/%themename%.kvconfig as follows:

5 is a good setting too.

Categorization and small fixes 1 year ago

Light touches here and there, but you might like it.

GTK themes update 1 year ago

Fixed black frame around menus, ty @nana-4

GTK themes update 1 year ago

GTK themes got fix for window borders.
GTK themes are based on 20190315 Materia release from @nana-4 due to no difference in active/inactive window titles' and headers' colors, which is the same in Kvantum themes, so GTK apps don't look alien too much.
Recolor newer releases yourself if you prefer different active / inactive windows colors.

Old releases got removed.

Make this set more complete 1 year ago

Base dark/light compact GTK theme, beutified aurorae themes

Aurorae themes 1 year ago

Dark and light ones, corners are almost fine.

Added aurorae theme 1 year ago

Fixed corners of the original theme

Dark color scheme 2 years ago

Pls do note once again: color themes are basically stock Manjaro Breath ones, I only changed titlebar colors in order to use Breeze window decorations with corresponding Kvantum theme as I dislike aurorae.

Optimized SVG files 2 years ago

Rebased on the optimized SVGs from PapirusDevelopmentTeam.
Added colour scheme for the light theme (use only with Kvantum and Breeze decorations). See updated screenshot.

Menu colour 2 years ago

Tweaked Light theme menu colour to match GTK theme and for the sake of compliance with Breath colours.

Some upstream changes, 3 more variants 2 years ago

Implemented some upstream changes (some of them are awful so were skipped or substitited with more adequate settings). Added 3 more themes with dark colours.

Updated GTK theme 2 years ago

Updated GTK theme + color fixes

Many color fixes 2 years ago

Tweaked a lot of colours for better consistency with Breath theme.

Routine update 2 years ago

Updated accordingly
Fixed tooltips

Breath colours 2 years ago

Added GTK theme (Breath), Kvantum (Breath)

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9 excellent
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8 great
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10 the best very good
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8 great
product-maker aposuit Jan 31 2019 9 excellent
+Thanks. I love the dark version
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Kvantum Engine

A Linux SVG-based theme engine for Qt4/Qt5 and KDE Plasma.


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