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Color icons on slim adwaita theme

Gnome Screenshots by peteroe
Trying to get color icons back to this slim adwaita theme, tired of those monochrome ones. Icon theme is elementary and some homecooked ones.
linux unix screenshot gnome
Score 60.0%
Aug 21 2019

Radiance Theme

Gnome Screenshots by etles-team
, Not yet finished ;) Has been test under Debian 10 Buster Gnome Desktop. What do you things?
linux unix screenshot gnome
Score 50.0%
Jul 17 2019

Fedora 30

Gnome Screenshots by michelfritsch
Fedora 30 Workstation Papirus Icon Theme Qogir GTK Theme
linux unix screenshot gnome
Score 50.0%
Jun 24 2019

This is a pretty good combination

Gnome Screenshots by hackan301
Gnome with Carapace Graphite (Shell theme), a sick wallpaper, X-Arc-Darker (program (GTK+) theme
linux unix screenshot gnome carapace tweaker
Score 50.0%
May 12 2019

flat glass

Gnome Screenshots by inxs121212
flat glass
linux unix screenshot gnome
Score 58.0%
Apr 27 2019

Old Gnome fan

Gnome Screenshots by peteroe
Old guy here playing with colors with theme NewAdwaita and icon themes Adwaita, Yaru and Korla. All borrowed and recolored to my likings :)
linux unix screenshot gnome
Score 50.0%
Apr 21 2019

Like Mac OS X Mojave

Gnome Screenshots by etiennealaurent
Ubuntu 18.04 Application Theme : McOS-MJV-v2.0 from paulxfce (
linux unix screenshot gnome
Score 63.3%
Mar 17 2019

Fun Share My Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots by hellkids96
Running-On Thinkpad-X240 8 GB i5-4300U Intel Haswell Mobile Graphics Ubuntu 18.10 GNOME 3.30.1
gnome dark theme ubuntu mojave linux unix screenshot
Score 68.6%
Mar 01 2019

My Ubuntu 18.04 desktop Mac Os Mojave Look

Gnome Screenshots by arnnicks
Used Theme : McOS-MJV Cursor : Capitiane-cursors Icons : Macos-sierra-CT-0.5 Shell : Sierra-dark
ubuntu macos mojave gnome desktop linux unix screenshot
Score 71.3%
Feb 02 2019

Pop!_os 18.04 Gnome daily driver minimal setup

Gnome Screenshots by dessasin
my minimal desktop I've used for a long time.
linux unix screenshot gnome
Score 58.0%
Nov 03 2018