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Ubuntu 18.04 Mojave Gnome desktop look

Gnome Screenshots by arnnicks
from Made some tweaks to shorten the width of top panel
linux unix screenshot gnome ubuntu desktop mojave macosx
Score 63.3%
Jul 22 2018

Fun Share My Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots by hellkids96
Running-On Thinkpad-X240 8 GB i5-4300U Intel Haswell Mobile Graphics Ubuntu 18.10 GNOME 3.30.1
gnome dark theme ubuntu mojave linux unix screenshot
Score 68.6%
Mar 01 2019

My Ubuntu 18.04 desktop Mac Os Mojave Look

Gnome Screenshots by arnnicks
Used Theme : McOS-MJV Cursor : Capitiane-cursors Icons : Macos-sierra-CT-0.5 Shell : Sierra-dark
ubuntu macos mojave gnome desktop linux unix screenshot
Score 71.3%
Feb 02 2019

Material Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by mattdiamond
Hello! This is my simple desktop. It's build on the top of ubuntu 17.10. I used the Adapta theme, a plasma like cursor and the flat icon theme. If you want, i can give the link for the different themes and packs. Hope you like it!
linux unix screenshot gnome ubuntu 17.10 gnome-shell material
Score 58.0%
Apr 14 2018

Ubuntu 16.04.4 with my wallpaper

Gnome Screenshots by Andy2015
Ubuntu 16.04.4 with my wallpaper Wallpaper >>
linux unix screenshot gnome ubuntu
Score 50.0%
Mar 30 2018