elementary Desktop

Elementary Screenshots by nvrfllw
*elementary OS Loki *Adapta *ePapirus
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Feb 17 2018

Arch e (e stands for elementary)

Elementary Screenshots by someonefromouttaspace
my actual desktop with a very simple conky configuration, which informs me about package updates via paconky
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Aug 10 2010

MacLike elementary conky

Elementary Screenshots by Turambar
Theme based in Mac4Lin Aqua mod by Turambar. Icons set pack elementary-monochrome Conky config's based on Conky-colors
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May 23 2010

Totally elementary

Elementary Screenshots by algalord
This is my elementary desktop. If you want to know about something in my screenshot, please tell me in comments.
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Apr 01 2010

Elementary light-white desktop 1.0

Elementary Screenshots by Andyvec
=== My personal desktop === Specifications: ---------------------------- - GTK-Theme: Elementary white - Dockbar: AWN - Wallpaper: Socwall.com - Screenlets: WideScapeWeather, Clock, RingSensors, Flower
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Mar 08 2010

My elementary desktop

Elementary Screenshots by shankru85
GTK, Metacity and Icons - Elementary. Font - Myriad Pro Forgot the wallpaper's source. Let me know if this license is wrong for i have never understood them properly.
Score 50.0%
Jul 26 2009