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A crossword puzzle game and editor.

It's based on KrossWordPuzzle[1] by Friedrich Pülz[2] (code from the last revision available on KDE svn[3]) because the development had stopped and the original author was unreacheable.

Since version 0.18.3 alpha 4 it's ported to Qt5/KF5, but consider it as a preview requiring still a lot of work.

General aims of the project:
- maintain and simplify the codebase;
- improve the user experience.

Currently the focus is mainly on the solving part of the game (useful for more users).

Last changelog:

Version 0.18.3 alpha 4 "Piccola fenice" - 22 October 17: 3 years ago

- Ported to Qt5/KF5.
- Various minor changes and fixes.

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Version 0.18.3 alpha 4 "Piccola fenice" - 22 October 17: 3 years ago

- Ported to Qt5/KF5.
- Various minor changes and fixes.

6 years ago

Version 0.18.2 alpha 3 - 7 February 15:
- Various fixes to the dictionary feature (still not reliable).
- Fixed an issue with hyphen in the clues list.
- And other minor changes and fixes.

Version 0.18.1 alpha 3 - 2 January 15:
- Czech translation 100% updated thanks to Pavel Fric!
- Some changes to the library actions (now they should be more clear).
- And other minor changes and fixes.

Version 0.18 alpha 3 - 25 December 14:
- Added language support (with KrossWordPuzzle old translations. Thank you KDE translators!).
- Added a French provider (, just the free crosswords).
- Added a new English provider (
- Reworked menu layout (better organization).
- Added a new plain theme (Ink).
- Improved default theme.
- And various minor changes and fixes.

Version 0.17 alpha 2 - 15 October 14:
- More standard and simple interface (no more tabs, they weren't really useful and wasted vertical space).
- Added support for black cells/squares.
- Heavy (under the hood) reworking/rewriting of the library to simplify the code and solve some bugs.
- Ask for user confirmation for Solve and Clear answers actions (to avoid unwanted clicks).
- Removed emoticons in clue list (they were ambiguous...smiles for a potentially wrong answer).
- Using system font for the crossword view (to avoid ugly mix between themed/not themed letters with "special" characters common in many not-English languages).
- Added font color option for themes.
- Improved the background handling in themes.
- Fixed theme loading of some color options.
- Updated (to reflect the code changes) and improved the themes.
- Fixed the the congratulations message size issue with a simpler approach.
- Fixed minimum zoom for very small crosswords.
- Fixed a (not common) crash in download dialog caused by preview generation.
- Some fixes for image/pdf exporting.
- Continuing work in preparation of Qt5/Frameworks 5 porting.
- And other minor changes.

Version 0.16 alpha - 22 July 14:
- Ported to current libkdegames.
- Reworked zoom handling.
- Updated download providers for crosswords (and added some new ones).
- Now it's possible to add to library a crossword opened from file manager, etc.
- Some background rendering improvements.
- Fixed a bug on table generation in Dictionary handling.
- Tweaks to library view.
- Initial works on a Qt5/Frameworks 5 porting perspective.
- Removed old code for compatibility with Qt < 4.6 and KDE 4.3.
- Added C++11 support.

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Dec 25 2014
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