ZXTune rev3150

Audio Apps by Vitamin
QT application based on crossplatform library for playing different chiptune modules.Input formats: AY/YM: - AY (Compliled data in native format) - AS0/ASC (ASC Sound Master 0.xx/1.xx-2.xx modules) - FTC (Fast Tracker 1.xx modules) - GTR (Global Tracker 1.xx modules) - PSC (Pro Sound Creator...
Score 66.7%
Dec 03 2014

K-Yamo v0.50-beta-3

Audio Extractors/Converters by cycomyco
K-Yamo is a music-organizer for tagging music files (mp3 and ogg atm) ,and ripping audio-cds. It uses the tags, to rename files, and can generate complete structured music-directories, out of your musiccollection that way. You can tag complete directory-trees at once, and only change selected...
Score 50.0%
Nov 30 2014

SimpleAudioPlayer 1.10.3

Audioplayers by Knoellchen
Two small programs are available: SimpleAudioPlayers main task is quick and easy open some music files selected by a filemanager. Both drag&drop and "open with..." can be used. It uses very little memory. With SimpleAudioBrowser, you can easily and quickly search for music files. These can...
Score 78.6%
Nov 09 2014

Drumstick Metronome 1.0.0

Music Production by plcl
This program is a MIDI metronome with Qt interface and based on the ALSA sequencer. Intended for musicians and music students, it is a tool to keep the rhythm while playing musical instruments. It uses MIDI for sound generation instead of digital audio, allowing low CPU usage, and very accurate...
Score 63.3%
Oct 12 2014

Knowthelist 2.3.0

Audioplayers by knowthelist
Knowthelist - the awesome party music player Easy to use for all party guests Quick search for tracks in collection Two players with separate playlists Mixer with fader, 3 channel EQ and gain FadeNow to smoothly jump to the next song Auto fader and auto gain Trackanalyser search for song...
Score 74.0%
Oct 01 2014

KRadio4 4.0.8

Audio Apps by emw
KRadio is a comfortable KDE4 application for internet radio and AM/FM radio cards supported by V4L/V4L2. It has a lot of valuable features such as RDS decoding, pre-recording, timeshift playback, recording (wav, mp3, ogg), PVR support, versatile alarms, LIRC support, and much more (see...
Score 77.7%
Sep 27 2014

Vrok 4.1

Audio Apps by manushanga
Supported Platforms Windows(binaries at homepage), Mac OS X(no binaries yet, but can be compiled), Linux(vrok-git in AUR, for other distros clone the git repo and follow instructions) and AndroidFeatures [li]Lightweight - very low CPU even with all effects enabled[/li] [li]18 band Equalizer -...
Score 50.0%
Aug 17 2014

Quimup 1.3.2

Audioplayers by coon
QUIMUP is a client for the music player daemon (MPD) written in C++ and QT4. The clean interface makes controlling MPD's many features easy and intuitive. The focus is on mouse handling (playlist management by drag-&-drop); playback functions are directly accessible from the system tray....
Score 72.2%
Jun 20 2014

GrooveOff 0.2.0

Audio Apps by gcala
GrooveOff is an unofficial client for grooveshark.com. With it you can search its huge database (thanks to a public api) for artists, songs and albums and save them on disk for offline playing. It provides easy to use filters by artists and albums. I embedded also a minimal player for songs...
Score 80.0%
May 13 2014

Visual impulse 1.0

Audio Apps by Cabalbl4
A script to create player-independent visualizations using pulseaudio and gstreamer. Pre-requisites: Pulseaudio server running. gstreamer and plugins (incl. ugly) installed (usually comes with mplayer). gst-launch-0.10 installed. zenity installed. Some more info about old...
Score 58.0%
Apr 23 2014