Office Apps by danielk2
regexxer is a nifty GUI search/replace tool featuring Perl-style regular expressions. regexxer is a nifty search/replace tool for the desktop user. It features recursive search through directory trees and Perl-style regular expressions (using libpcre). The user interface is similar to the...
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Feb 20 2007


Office Apps by dopehouse
Leet-Generator converts plaintext to leettext. Leet-Generator converts plaintext to leettext and uses GTK+-2.x.
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Feb 13 2007

TeXwiz 2.0.0

Office Apps by nic
TeXwiz is a graphical wizard that helps creating LaTeX files from scratch. It supports many options from KOMA script and is intended to be useful for beginners and advanced users. Version 2.0.0 is basically the same as version 1.1.2a, but ported to Qt4, with only minor GUI modifications and...
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Jan 23 2007

iksml 0.1

Office Apps by michal
Simple XML Viewer for KDE written in Python. Note: 'iks' is a czech pronunciation of letter X Depends on: - PyQt - PyKDE - Pyxml
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Jan 13 2007

KTxt2tags 0.4

Office Apps by bobuse
ktxt2tags is a txt2tags front-end for KDE. For more information, see txt2tags project homepage : http://txt2tags.sf.net This program needs PyQt 3 and optionnaly PyKDE 3 to run (packages python-qt3 and python-kde3 on Ubuntu distributions). Feel free to give your feedback, to try to improve it, or...
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Nov 27 2006

tX XML editor 1.2

Office Apps by jinsookang
tX, formerly known as Teddy, is a tabular XML editor. It presents the structure and content of XML files in a way that is both visually pleasing and easy to use. Its features include the abiltiy to view XML in an hierarchical way without extraneous syntax or interface elements, edit data like a...
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Jun 18 2006


Office Apps by rlehy
eqe is a LaTeX equation editor. eqe transforms LaTeX input into an image, that you can save, or drag and drop onto other applications (like OO Impress). It has a command line backend that can generate the images without the graphical user interface.
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Feb 06 2006

Kword: sheet of paper shadow [Mockup] 1.0

Office Apps by Fri13
I have been thinkin why Kword doesnt have a sheet in the middle of window, why it must be attached on left side and not like in abiword or openoffice. When a sheet is in the middle, user can see easily how it would look. So i made mockup for this idea to know if anyone else likes this style?
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Dec 03 2005


Office Apps by jodrell
A text writer, not a text editor. Scribble is not a text editor. It is a text writer. If you've ever found yourself fiddling with formatting, layout and file management while writing an essay, article, or book, then Scribble is the program for you. Scribble strips away all the features that...
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Sep 21 2005

KHaaliReader 0.2.6

Office Apps by demogorgorn
KHaaliReader is a professional FictionBook2 reader for KDE. features: - supports FictionBook2 books - supports Zipped FictionBook2 books - supports images in books - has chapter's navigation - saves and loads position in every book - fully customizeable interface - shows advanced information of...
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Jun 29 2005