Lagnarok client

Arcade by keldon
eathena client private server Lagnarok Online
Score 50.0%
Jul 31 2007


Arcade by iroli2
A simple but nice gnuGO GUI. This go gui focuses on simply usage, and beauty. It support games against gnugo as well as human opponents. It comes with a gnome-screensaver module replaying professional games (bundeled with 1000 games). It also features a nautilus preview component generating...
Score 50.0%
Jul 31 2007

kollagame 0.1

Arcade by cprgmswr2
This is still much in the development phase, I am hoping by posting this, that I can get some help in developing this software. The basic idea is to create a gamekit with a rapid development environment. Most of the games that this gamekit will support are RPG since they are similar in...
Score 50.0%
Jul 11 2007

Monkey\'s Memory

Arcade by mk8
Classic Game of Memory Classic Game of Memory written in Mono, where you can play against other people (on the same computer, network game is not implemented jet) or against Computer (there are 2 type of computer player). There are more difficulty levels from tiny level to very big one.
Score 50.0%
Jun 28 2007

taxipilot 0.9.2

Arcade by tfry
Taxipilot is just a silly little game, similar to SpaceTaxi on the C64. Please visit the homepage for more information and screenshots.
Score 50.0%
May 28 2007


Arcade by ludidado
A five dice game. "Yamb is a game that is played with 5 dices. The game is played in turns, and each turn player has three dice throws available. The object of the game is to reach the highest possible score." Pyamb is gtk version of Yamb written in Python.
Score 50.0%
May 28 2007


Arcade by jcspray
LucidLife is a program for investigating and playing with Conway's Life LucidLife is aimed at users of the GNOME desktop environment, but should be easily portable to other platforms. LucidLife is based on GtkLife.
Score 50.0%
Apr 29 2007


Arcade by leaf2
Crossfire is an open source, cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game Crossfire is an open source, cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game. Since its initial release, Crossfire has grown to encompass over 150 monsters, about 3000 maps to explore, an elaborate...
Score 50.0%
Apr 22 2007


Arcade by manolinux2
Dice roller for roleplaying. A very simple application for rolling dices. Intended for use by roleplayers. It is written in C using GTK. Glade project is also providided with the source. Gdado relies in a simple and clean user interface.
Score 50.0%
Apr 01 2007


Arcade by kevinconaway
PyScrabble is an online, multiplayer scrabble program written in Python. PyScrabble is an online, multiplayer Scrabble game written in Python. It uses Twisted for networking and PyGTK for windowing. It features: * Ability to chat with all users connected to a server, send private messages and...
Score 50.0%
Mar 18 2007