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Image Manipulation Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by stalin2000
Service Menu for image manipulation in KDE. Works fine in Dolphin or konqueror. HOWTO INSTALL KDE 5x: 1) Needs packages imagemagick, ocrmypdf and gksu to be installed (install from package management)! 2) Extract archive and extract the archives within the archive 3) Extract...
Score 63.3%
Nov 06 2019

Complete JavaFX App

KDevelop App Templates by alex1701c
Setup with files for a JavaFX application with the Maven architecture, headless TestFX testing and build scripts for: Jar, AppImage, Deb, Rpm and Snap. This template is compatible with the Oracle JDK 8 and any higher versions of the Oracle or OpenJDK, the default configuration is for OpenJDK...
kdevelop javafx gui deb addon
Score 50.0%
1 day ago

QCH Documentation Files by kossebau
C and C++ Standard Reference Documentation
cpp addon
Score 50.0%
Nov 07 2019

Kmail Enhanced Dark

KMail Header Themes by sgorava
Enhanced Kmail 5.2 theme for dark Qt theme with dark background and light text.
dark header kmail addon
Score 50.0%
Nov 08 2019


Krunner Plugins by alex1701c
This plugin allows you to launch your recent JetBrains projects from Krunner. Additionally it has file watchers implemented, these reload the configuration when new projects get added/removed. Required Dependencies Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt install cmake extra-cmake-modules...
Score 60.0%
Nov 03 2019

KDE-Story Colorful Light

Konsole Color Schemes by l4k1
Konsole Color Scheme, adapted for Plasma Theme [COLOR="#d88d00"] [B]KDE-Story Colorful-Light[/B] [/COLOR], which you can download: [url=][COLOR="red"] Here [/COLOR][/url] Link to Wallpaper [COLOR="#d88d00"] [B]KDE Plasma Scenery 154 4K Remastered[/B]...
Score 50.0%
Nov 01 2019


VLC Extensions by pragma
The vlc-ratings extension can rate VLC playlist entries on a scale from 1 to 5, or from 1 to 10 (see Settings). It can also shuffle your playlist, grouping entries of the same rating, with higher rated entries appearing first. In other words, all entries rated 5 will be shuffled and then...
ratings rating addon
Score 50.0%
Nov 01 2019


Krunner Plugins by alex1701c
This plugin allows you to launch Firefox profiles from Krunner and your normal launcher. The plugin uses a local copy of the firefox.desktop file. In this file it adds Desktop Action entries for the profiles. Because of this you can search for the profiles in your normal launcher. The...
krunner firefox qt5 profiles utility addon
Score 50.0%
Nov 03 2019

Convert to gif

Dolphin Service Menus by reightb
Converts videos to .gif using ffmpeg; as such ffmpeg is a dependency - install it through your package manager i.e. debian/ubuntu: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg arch: sudo pacman -S ffmpeg Please note, I also have a webm -> mp4 and vice versa on the KDE Store :)
convert video gif addon
Score 50.0%
Oct 31 2019

Modular Python KRunner Plugin

KDevelop App Templates by alex1701c
This template provides a Krunner plugin using Python and dbus. Additionally it is organized in modules and has a file configured.
krunner plugin python addon
Score 50.0%
Oct 31 2019