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This is actually not a cursors theme, but a script which will vertically mirror all cursors in sources for a cursors theme, including adjusting the hotspots. I recently noticed somebody asking if there exist any left handed cursor themes, and since the script is a piece of cake, I just did it :).

1) Enter top directory of sources for a cursors theme.
2) Run the script.
3) Change the name of the theme to include 'Left' or 'RTL' or whatever.
4) Build the cursors theme, normally as you would do without doing steps 2) and 3).

The script vertically mirrors all png images in the directory and subdirectories, using 'convert -flop' from ImageMagick (required to be installed), and also adjusts all .conf files.

Problems: Simply vertically mirroring all cursors may not be sufficient. For example, with the CrystalCursors theme, there are problems with 3 icons:
- watch (wait cursor showing clock) - the clock will go counter-clockwise. All watch* files in the source directory should be backed up and restored after the script is run. This is obviously only a problem with the animated version of the theme.
- left_ptr_watch (arrow and clock cursor) - the same problem, but the arrow needs to be mirrored. The problem can be solved by adjusting the order of png pictures in the .conf file.
- question_arrow (what's this cursor) - the png image needs to be fixed using image editting program (e.g. KolourPaint), so that the cursor is mirrored but the question mark is not.

(Note: the form doesn't allow uploading .sh files, so the file is .gz compressed.)


16 years ago

This script will flip corner icons, which shouldn't be flipped.

Change the line

for i in `find . -name *.png`; do


for i in `find . -name '*.png' -not -regex .*corner.*`; do

and the line

for i in `find . -name *.conf`; do


for i in `find . -name '*.conf' -not -regex .*corner.*`; do

This will exclude anything with 'corner' in its name being flipped.



16 years ago

This really worked! I'd been wondering if no-one thought of us lefties, but finally someone did! It works perfectly, just don't forget to overwrite the cursors folder in the base directory of your cursors with the ones you changed (under /source/cursors).
It was probably a very basic thing, but everyone starts as newbies like me :)
Note: Works well with Gronuation.


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