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ActiveWindow Control (0.1)

This KDE4 plasmoid lets you control the active window. Actions currently available : Close, Minimize, Maximize, Shade/Unshade, KeepAbove, KeepBelow. It was created at first to help users with KDE4 on small devices (it's easier to click on a big button...) but it is actually great even with a standart computer (just throw your cursor at the corner of the screen to close your window, buttons are always located in the same place on the screen, etc.). Give it a try !

This is a pre-release but I publish it now because I don't have a lot of time these days and I want some help/feedback from you. At the moment, the plasmoid works great in panel except some minor things so please take a look at the TODO file if you have some time and don't forget to comment :)

Current limitations :
- plasmoid in planar formfactor (on the desktop) is buggy. Use it in a panel for now.
- The buttons don't reflect the state of the active windows : the KeepAbove/KeepBelow/Shade...
buttons should be "pushed down" when the current window has the KeepAbove/KeepBelow state,
some buttons needs to looks like disabled when an action is not available for a window, etc.

- The attached .deb is a Kubuntu Hardy checkinstall and it installs in /usr/lib/kde4, don't know if it will works for everyone
- you can force this plasmoid to align to the right in a panel by using the PanelSpacer plasmoid
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12 years ago

- 0.1 : first release (beta)


12 years ago

-is your plasmoid in a panel or on the desktop ? If it is in a panel, it should work (or not...)

That did the trick, from the panel the plasmoid is working fine - thank you !


12 years ago

- 0.1 : first release (beta)

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