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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://gitlab.com/zoli111/tintlogout


A logout/shutdown/reboot dialog using Tint2 for Openbox sessions

## About

Once I found something similar on the internet. I don't know where, maybe on Reddit... I found this very useful, so I decided to recreate it.

## Dependencies

Only tint2 and bash needed. Bash is in almost all distros. If you are interested, I assume you have tint2 too.

## Installation

There's an istallation script which you need to run in terminal and it does

* Create a hidden directory in the current user's home folder (`~/.tintlogout`)
* Place the files there
* (_Optional_) Ask you to install a .desktop file for easier launch to `~/.local/share/applications` and in it replace the HOMEDIR placeholder to your home directory's path

But these steps can be done manually too.

## How it works?

There's a tint2rc file and a shell script in the ~/.tintlogout folder. If this script is started it opens tint2 using it's config file and saves it's pid into another file. If the Cancel button is clicked it close tint2 by the saved pid.

## Edit files

You need to edit files manually if you

* Want to place them to another location
* Don't use Openbox (Just replace the `openbox --exit` in tint2rc at Logout button with your window manager's exit command)
* Don't use systemd (You need replace the commands of Shutdown/Reboot/Suspend/Hibernate buttons with the appropriate ones)
* Want to customize the look and feel (The default config uses Papirus Dark icon theme and DejaVu Sans font)

## Why not just Oblogout?

* The tint2 is easier to customize
* The panel and the .desktop file is localizable
* You don't need to install other packages

## How can you help?

* If you have any ideas, suggestions or issues with this, share me please :)
* I'm not a native English speaker, so if you found some typos or grammatically incorrect sentences, let me know


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