Zephyr Cinnamon theme incl Cinnamenu and Stark Menu themes Original

Cinnamon Themes

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


UPDATE: I have indeed, decided to change the metacity as having an only slightly modified version did not sit well with me. Additionally, part of my aim with Zephyr was to decrease the matacity size, to offer somethign for those that prefer less border space anyway. In doing so, I ended up changing it enough that I needed to alter the menus as well. So I am replacing the existing full theme with a new Zephyr. The first two images reflect the new- while the remaining images show the old. I am uploading the old Cin, XF and Mate in a bundle package if anyone prefers them, located here:https://www.pling.com/p/1470910/

ZephyrDesktop theme

Previously, I said...
"These are part of a Three Part Theme- Dark Acadia, Aeolus and soon, I will upload Zephyr. Zephyr will be a sister theme to Aeolus, but even more toned down with less graphics, visuals and eyecandy, but still have skeuomorphism and depth. It will be lighter than this one, with darker borders.
Keep an eye out, if you like."
Well... somewhat toned down.
This is a sister theme to its brothers, Acadia and Aeolus. Built off the same principle, but this one takes the depth of inward protruding menus and tabs. I went further with the Blue highlights and tones and changed out the radio, check and scrollbars to match. Why a three part series of sibling themes: I wanted to try out several different combinations and just making them as separate themes made it easier to modify each according to each idea.
I MAY UPDATE the Metacity (XFWM4 for XFCE users) to a different design entirely soon... Or just add an alternate Metactity as I had done on Archangel.

Zephyr Theme Desktop theme
Cinnamon Desktop Theme, including Main Menu, Cinnamenu and Stark Menu.
Cinnamenu users need to download and use the patched applet.js to the right>>>>>>>>>>. This is because the original applet.javascript does not contain the identifiers for Cinnamenu to be recognized by the .css.
XFCE4 Full theme coming soon. This one does contain the xfwm4 borders.
To install:
Extract Theme .tar.gz contents to /usr/share/themes or to ~/.themes
Extract Icon .tar.gz contents to /usr/share/icons or to ~/.icons

NOTE ON Icons:
I created many that are included by MAY not show up. SNAP and FLATPACK installed software ignore system themes. In addition, some installed software will use their own supplied icon. I included the icons so you may replace the existing ones supplied by the software as you wish. For example, if you use FireStorm, you can use the ones in the theme by replacing the Firestorm.png in your Firestorm folder. Some icons are located in the softwares file- Hardinfo is an example, as is conky manager. ----NEMO File Manager users can open Nemo as Root
pkexec nemo
Then navigate to /usr/share/Applications and select the application you want a custom file on- Right Click it, select Properties, then click the ICON button on the upper left of the popup window to change any or all icon to a custom icon.

Works best on those running with gtk3 NoCSD
sudo apt-get install gtk3-nocsd
...but can be run without. The icon set will fill in the close, min and max buttons without the nocsd installed.
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