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Better Common playback control system

NOTE: this is meant a better alternative to the official playback control skill, it will be blacklisted

This Skill implements the common Play handler. This allows playback services to negotiate which is best suited to play back a specific request.

What's New??
- Track Status - [skill-playback-control/pull/35](
- better handling of playback status, see [MycroftAI/mycroft-core#2619]( and [MycroftAI/mycroft-core#2674](
- MatchType - [skill-playback-control/pull/32]( and [mycroft-core/pull/2660](
- playback now has a "media type" see [mycroft-core/issues/2658](
- depending on intent additional info is used to help playback selection
- integrates with video / media skills, no longer focused on music only
- Resume - [skill-playback-control/pull/38](
- When told to "play" if music is paused now it restarts see [skill-playback-control/issues/18](
- Timeout - [skill-playback-control/pull/33](
- improves the common play framework handling, timeout is now configurable,
default is 5 seconds, previoulsy many skills failed to play because
the timeout was too small
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