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our aim is to provide the best performance to hardcore gamers out there, to accomplish this we overclocked the GPU up to 820mhz and made it super stable using some custom power optimization, but our aim didn't stop there! with the best performance, we wanted to solve a big problem in poco community, which is touch!. we use the latest new touch drivers which provide the best touch response and best bullet registration in PUBG and COD Mobile, parallax is made to crush any game you throw at it!

// Kernel Features //
-Overclocked GPU 827mhz
-Optimized touch drivers to perform best
- Updated to latest Linux kernel tag
- Updated to latest CAF tags
- Built with Proton Clang 12
- AnyKernel3
- Simple Low Memory Killer
- power efficient workqueue
- Added Thermal Optimizations to reduce heat while gaming
-Added Power Optimizations to reduce battery drain while gaming and normal use
- Custom fstab for f2fs and disabled force encrypt
- Latest Novatek & Focaltech touch screen drivers
- F2FS support with additions from arter97 kernel
- Wireguard, Kcal, K-Lapse & Sound Control support
- CPU Input Boost
- Underclocked min freq of the gpu to 170 to save power
- USB Fast Charge
- Dynamic SchedTune Boost
- Wakelock blocker
- Westwood TCP
- Schedutil (Default) & Blu_schedutil Governors
- Anxiety, Zen, Maple & many more I/O Schedulers!
- Added Thermal Optimizations
- Screen refresh rate OC (HZ OC)
- Optimizations from other kernels
- Using CONFIG_HZ = 300
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